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Crown Princess Mary and her children witness dramatic accident

Sunday, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary and her children witnessed a dramatic accident during their personal visit to Copenhagen Zoo. Crown Princess Mary together with her four children, Prince Christian, Prince Vincent, Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine had a more dramatic Sunday than they expected.

The Crown Princess with Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine before the accident. © Kongehuset

The accident took place during the traditional horse race “Hubertusjakten”, which was held in Copenhagen Zoo this Sunday. When the race had concluded, the riders entered the arena at the Hermitage Palace. One of the riders went into high speed, and the horse ran straight over one of the guards on the square, who fell dramatically to the ground. The news was first reported by the Danish newspaper BT.

Princesses Isabella and Josephine in a photo taken prior to the accident by the Crown Princess. © Crown Princess Mary

Mary and the children watched the dramatic incident from a balcony close to the accident’s location. From pictures taken at the site, you can clearly see that the Crown Princess and her children are shocked. BT‘s journalist on the spot reported back to the paper and other Danish media that the Crown Princess and her children “were clearly shocked”.

© Crown Princess Mary

First aid was carried out on the guard, who was eventually driven away in an ambulance. Press spokesman Danny Johansen for the Copenhagen Zoo says that the man is doing well after the circumstances. The man injured his head after the collision with the horse.

Copenhagen Zoo. Photo: Hunter Desportes via Wikimedia Commons.

The Crown Princess of Denmark took several pictures while at the event, which were shared on the Danish Royal Family’s website and social media accounts.

Prince Christian and Prince Vincent while at the hunt. © Crown Princess Mary

© Crown Princess Mary

“Hubertusjakten” (English: The Hubertus hunt) has been held annually at the Copenhagen Zoo since the year 1900 and is a continuation of the perforce hunt, a now illegal hunting-method where hunters use horses and dogs to exhaust the prey before it is killed. The event attracts around 40,000 spectators each year.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine greet two stable horses at the Palace before heading to the event. © Crown Princess Mary/Kongehuset Instagram

Copenhagen Zoo is a zoological garden in Copenhagen, founded in 1859. It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and is located in the municipality of Frederiksberg. With 1,161,388 visitors in 2008, it is the most visited zoo and 4th most visited attraction in Denmark.

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