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Crown Princess Mary to visit Indonesia next month

By UNRIC - CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Crown Princess Mary will visit Indonesia next month as part of a United Nations mission with the UN Population Fund and to begin celebrations of Denmark and Indonesia’s 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

The Royal Court announced the news last Friday, saying that Mary will visit with Rasmus Prehn, the Development Minister in Denmark and the United Nations Population Fund Executive Director, Natalia Kanem from December 2 to 4.

Her visit will largely focus on reproductive and sexual health and rights and female empowerment. The Royal Court also announced that the visit will “provide insight into how [sexual and reproductive health and rights] challenges and solutions are handled in Indonesia,” which has the world’s largest Muslim population.

Crown Princess Mary has been the patron of the United Nations Population Fund since 2010, and the Royal Court says her focus has been “on the fight against infant mortality, maternal mortality, circumcision of girls and women, and that both women and men are entitled to a healthy life and to equal opportunities.”

Her schedule of events in Indonesia with regards to the United Nations Population Fund will largely focus on those issues, “as well as the importance of involving men, youth and religious leaders in the work of promoting” sexual and reproduction health and rights.

Crown Princess Mary will also meet with “vulnerable groups who are at high risk of being infected with HIV” and see how there is “cooperation in the private sector, where women in their workplace have access to a health clinic and can get help with pregnancy as well as other reproductive health needs.”

To support the 70th anniversary of Denmark and Indonesia’s diplomatic relations, Crown Princess Mary will visit Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, which is located on Java, where an event will be held to begin the celebrations. The event will include cultural elements from both countries.

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