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Crown Princess Mary launches Danish nature social media campaign

By UNRIC - CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Crown Princess Mary is encouraging Denmark to recognise the beauty of the country’s nature in a new project with the World Wild Fund for Nature.

‘Together for Nature’ will encourage Danish people to share photos of their experiences in nature, as the coronavirus pandemic has “made even more of us aware of the fantastic values ​​that Danish nature brings,” according to the WWF’s website.

Danish residents will use the hashtag #ForNaturenWWF whilst out in nature to share their experiences. The Crown Princess and the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature were inspired to create this challenge as “Danish nature and its unique wildlife are under pressure and need a helping hand.”

“In the past year, many have experienced that nature has become more important to them,” Crown Princess Mary said in a statement on the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature’s website.

“We cannot take nature and all its beauty and wealth for granted. Denmark’s nature is under pressure, and many unique animal, plant and fungal species are in danger of extinction. That is why I encourage everyone to pay tribute to nature with us on social media. The more we are aware of what is happening in nature, the more we are willing to take care of it.”

“Denmark’s nature is in a historic crisis. Forests, meadows and seas are out of balance and thousands of animals are in danger of disappearing. At the same time, studies show that rich biodiversity is crucial for our health and for future generations,” said Bo Øksnebjerg, Secretary General of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature.

“By uploading our nature photos, we can each show our support for Denmark’s endangered nature in that moment of destiny. Nature has always been there for us – now we have to be there for nature.”

This social media campaign will run for three weeks, with a different nature theme introduced every Saturday. The first Saturday’s theme is ‘Forest & Land’ and each theme will allow Danes to “get all the way around our wonderful landscapes.”

The other themes will be ‘Lake, Coast & Sea’ and ‘Plants & Animals’. Crown Princess Mary and experts with the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature will highlight a new photo each day and comment on its contents.

Crown Princess Mary shared her first photo, that of a beech tree, to the Danish Royal Family’s Instagram account, captioning it: “I have been fascinated by the almost luminescent leaves on newly sprouted beech trees since my first spring in Denmark. #ForNaturenWWF.”

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