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Crown Princess Katherine’s annual Christmas Bazaar opened in Serbia

Photo: Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation officially opened the traditional Christmas Charity Bazaar of handicrafts on Thursday. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess did not attend the opening as they did last year. The opening of the Charity Bazaar was therefore done by Vladimir Cucic, Commissioner for Refugees and Migration in Serbia.

Among those who attended were representatives of the diplomatic corps of Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Georgia, Mexico, Pakistan, Iraq as well as members of the Advisory Bodies of the Crown of Serbia. The charity event is meant to raise money in support of refugee women from the former Yugoslav republics, the Middle East and North-East Asia, socially vulnerable women, and children with special needs. Total revenue from the sale of the handicrafts is intended to help these vulnerable groups.

This years bazaar in Serbia. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

A member of the Privy Council, Mr Dusan Babac, read a greeting from Crown Princess Katherine in which she stated: “Some of these women left their homes and bravely started a life away from their homeland. With their skills, they managed to support their families in the most difficult times. I am fortunate because special needs children are also present here with their works. I wish everyone a lot of success and thank you for your great support”.

Crown Princess Katherine and her foundation have been organising Charity Christmas and Easter Bazaars for many years to help displaced persons, refugees and socially vulnerable people who support their families by selling these beautiful handicrafts. More than 30 exhibitors from all over Serbia will participate at this year’s Bazaar.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine on last years bazaar. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

The Serbian royal couple has, for many years, been working to improve the situation of people who have a difficult time. In 1993, Crown Princess Katherine founded the Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation which currently has offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and Athens. This organisation, together with the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, works to collect money for medical equipment that has been delivered to numerous hospitals in Serbia.

If you want to read more about the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and the Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation, you can do so here.

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