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The Duchess of Brabant to attend military academy

© Royal Palace, Brussels/Koninklijk Paleis, Brussel/Palais Royal, Bruxelles/Königlicher Palast, Brüssel Photographer: Michel Gronemberger

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, known as the Duchess of Brabant as the heir to the Belgian throne, will graduate from the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. The Belgian Royal House has announced that the heir to the throne will start the next phase of her education at the Royal Military Academy.

On 31 August 2020, Princess Elisabeth will start with a four-week initiation camp before continuing with classes in social and military sciences. She has been preparing for the physical side of things by doing exercises likes jogging.

By joining the Royal Military Academy, Princess Elisabeth follows in her father’s footsteps and he has good memories of his time there. A year and a half ago he gave a speech to students of the academy and said, “I remember it intensely. I was proud. It was like a whole new world opened up for me. The iron discipline, the physical training and the high academic standards will test you. They will also make you know yourself better.”

The Commander of the Royal Military Academy, General Lutgard Claes, is proud to be able to educate the Princess. “We are very satisfied and honoured to be able to receive the Princess. It gives us great joy to see the training being appreciated by the leaders of the country.”

General Lutgard Claes is the first woman to run the academy, and she said of Elisabeth, “I find it very special that the heir to the throne is a woman and that she will be attending the Royal Military Academy. Around 21% of the students are female now, so that has seriously evolved, and this is yet another step forward.”