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Queen Mathilde to promote music on national television

Photo: Laura Dekkers

Queen Mathilde of Belgium will feature in a new programme about music for eight weeks on national television. In the programme, Her Majesty will receive young musicians at the Royal Palace and hear them play their instrument.

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde has never hidden away her passion for music. As Honorary-President, she often attends the various sessions of the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition. Now, the Queen will also appear in a new tv-programme, “Merci voor de muziek” (Thank you for the music). Each week, Her Majesty will welcome a child to the Royal Palace of Brussels. The child will then play his or her instrument while the Queen listens.

The first guest is eight-year-old Stella who will play the harp. In the coming weeks, young musicians will play the piano, accordion and cello. One of the children will rap for the Queen while others are expected to sing. The tv-show “Merci voor de muziek” wants to thank, comfort and bring people together through music. The aim of the programme fits perfectly within Queen Mathilde’s philosophy and the philosophy of the Queen Mathilde Fund. At the end of the series, the children will be brought together for a final concert that will be attended by Queen Mathilde.

Her Majesty said about her participation in the tv-programme: “Music teaches young people more about themselves, about others and about their place in society. Whether it is pop songs, a fanfare or classical works, it doesn’t really matter. Because music connects! More than ever I am convinced that music can really help young people get started in life. In my conversations with young people, I see how enriching it is when they share music with each other. Discovering music, learning, playing an instrument, singing together: it all helps to feel better, gain self-knowledge, develop more self-confidence, feel that you belong here. And we know how important that is for young people.”

The two presenters of the new programme, Nora Gharib and Bart Peeters were very impressed by the Queen’s participation and her connection with the children. They said: “Our queen clearly really loves music. She got all possible musical worlds on her roof, from classical to hip hop, from an eight-year harp princess to a particularly enthusiastic blind conga player. It all started carefully, but I was really happy to see how quickly all protocol disappeared due to the warm bounds between Her Majesty and those young musicians.”

“Thank you for the music” will be broadcasted on VRT at the end of this year.

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