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King Philippe visits rehabilitation centre

Photo credit: Lars Koopmans CC BY-SA 3.0

On Thursday, King Philippe of the Belgians has made a visit to a rehabilitation centre. 

The facility, called REVAlution, focuses on offering people with disabilities the chance to develop their mobility through physical activity and sports. 

The centre has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and has always strived to use the latest pieces of equipment. Because of this, they work closely with medical technology companies to develop the best tools to help with rehabilitation. 

REVAlution also aims to promote physical therapy specifically tailored to each individual, depending on the type of injury or disability they have and their individual response to the physical activity stimulation. 

REVAlution is the facility located in the St. Elisabeth Hospital in the town of Herental, near Antwerp. 

The structure is run by To Walk Again, a foundation created by Marc Herremans that has the objective of promoting physical rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities through the use of technology. 

The entire Belgian Royal Family has always shown an affinity for structures such as this one and the benefits they can bring to Belgian society. 

However, during the latest global health emergency, their interest has taken them to visit more and more of these facilities, whether they care for the elderly, the physically disabled or children with learning difficulties. 

The most poignant sign of this renewed interest has been shown on the 21st of July; to conclude the celebrations for the country’s National Day, King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eléonore visited two care homes, one for the elderly and one that was at the time temporarily giving shelter to people affected by the devastating floods that hit central Europe, but that normally cares for people with physical and mental disabilities that affect their mobility in their everyday life.