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King Philippe to grant audiences to four ‘coronavirus heroes’

Photo: Laura Dekkers

King Philippe of Belgium will invite four ‘corona heroes’ for a personal meeting at the Royal Palace. All Belgians are encouraged to submit their stories about people who have distinguished themselves during the COVID-19 crisis. Out of these submissions, four stories will be selected and those people will be thanked by the King during an audience.

King Philippe of the Belgians has teamed up with the citizens’ platform ‘Coronadenktank’ to thank and honour those who have helped and supported others in a special way during the coronavirus crisis. The platform and the Royal Palace have organised the campaign #hoopdoetleven (translated as #hopemakeslifeworthliving) in which everyone is invited to submit their stories about extraordinary people who have made a remarkable contribution to society during the crisis. All these stories will be shared during the National Day celebrations on the 21st of July. Four of these stories will also be selected by the platform and the Royal Palace. These four people will be invited to the Royal Palace for a personal audience with His Majesty. In this way, the King wishes to thank those who have undertaken special actions for the country and its citizens.

Those who wish to contribute their story or the stories of others are encouraged to make a creative video, share the video online and register at the website of the platform. Submissions can be sent until the 18th of July. Then, the four stories will be picked out and the chosen ones will receive an official invitation for an audience with the King.

The #hoopdoetleven campaign is an element that fits perfectly in this year’s National Day celebrations. On the 21st of July, the National Day is usually marked by a Te Deum service, a military parade and a tribute to all ‘protectors’ such as firefighters, the police and so on. The celebrations in the capital are usually attended by over 100,000 people.

Due to the coronavirus measures, gatherings of over 200 people are forbidden. Therefore, the Royal Palace has taken the initiative to scale back the festivities and change the focus. This year, the spotlight will shine upon the nurses, doctors, caretakers, and all those who have worked especially hard during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of them have risked their own lives to take care of others.

In addition, the festivities will be brought to the television channels. The Belgians will be able to enjoy several concerts by Belgian artists and so on. The sharing of the stories of these remarkable people, thus, fits perfectly in the theme of this year’s celebrations.

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