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Princess Deena sacked as editor of Vogue Arabia

Princess Deena of Saudi Arabia has been sacked as editor of Vogue Arabia after publishing just two editions of the magazine.

“Yes I was dismissed,” Princess Deena told the Financial Times. “I can’t say any more. My statement will come shortly.” A spokeswoman for Condé Nast International said: “Our licence partner Nervora will be announcing news regarding Vogue Arabia, with a release due in the next few days.” A spokesman for Nervora said it would issue a statement “soon”.

Vogue Arabia has only just recently been launched, with a grand party at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. She was joined by a number of celebrities, including Naomi Campbell and Lauryn Hill, who also performed at the party.

Princess Deena became a member of the Saudi Royal Family in 1998 when she married Sultan bin Fahad bin Nasser.

“I want to give the reader aspirational images, fashion criticism, beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle. The world is saturated with information and publishing is weaker because of that but what’s missing is the dream. Even advertising campaigns used to be so well done, I would cut and pin them. There needs to be distinction. I want the glamour back!” Princess Deena told The Telegraph.

There were high hopes for Princess Deena. “Deena is a unique individual, not just here in the Middle East, but abroad as well. Her love for fashion stretches far beyond simply cloaking herself with the latest trends or collections. She has a vast in-depth knowledge of the history of fashion. For her, it’s not just about trends. She truly understands context, past and present, as well as across borders, which is one of the many reasons why she will be particularly great at the helm of Vogue Arabia. The Middle East has a new but burgeoning fashion scene, and it’s important for intellect to be injected into it from the get-go,” said Anum Bashir, a Qatari-based creative consultant and blogger. “Deena has pioneered this role for a very long time by not only wearing regional designers like Nathalie Trad and Reem Al Kanhal but by also lending her expertise to them, connecting them to other industry influencers.”

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