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Queen Rania honours winners of 2019 Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education

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Queen Rania joined some inspiring Jordanian educators on Monday at the Royal Cultural Palace in Amman to present the 2019 Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education (QRAEE).

“Empowering the winners to serve as role models for their peers, the awards aim to motivate educators to strengthen the educational sector by reinforcing a culture of excellence,” according to the office of Her Majesty’s press department.

The ceremony kicked off with a parade to celebrate the finalists and Queen Rania, who serves as chairperson of the award’s board of trustees, handed out trophies to the first-place winners and certificates of excellence to all winners.

Thousands of educators applied for the award, but just 29 teachers were chosen for the Distinguished Teacher Award and 11 principals were awarded the Distinguished Principal Award.

Finalists who did not win in their respective categories, including 30 teachers and 7 principals, were awarded certificates of appreciation.

“Your joy means the world to me,” Queen Rania posted on Instagram, sharing a photo from the event.


In addition to the winning educators, the Southern Jordan Valley District, the Deir Alla District, and the Marka District were honoured “for their efforts in spreading a culture of excellence and encouraging educators to apply for the awards.”

Minister of Education Dr Tayseer Nueimi said: “His Majesty and Your Majesty have made education your mission and undertaking, in honour of teachers and their indispensable role in shaping the minds of future generations.

“Excellence and innovation are rooted in the Hashemite mindset, as outlined in His Majesty King Abdullah’s directives in the Seventh Discussion Paper.”

Monetary awards were given to all of the educators who earned first, second, or third place in their respective categories, and finalists who did not win received rewards of up to JD 500.

The winners also were recognised by the Ministry of Education with a higher rank and a chance to compete for scholarship opportunities.

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