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Queen Rania dusts off her coding skills to launch new school project

Queen Rania of Jordan visited Al Jandaweel Secondary School in Amman to learn about Road2Code, a new programme by INJAZ. 

Upon her arrival at the school on Sunday, 9 October, Her Majesty took part in an activity for the Hour of Code initiative, a global project aimed at teaching students the basics of programming and coding through non-traditional and more enjoyable methods. 

The Queen then held a meeting with the CEO of INJAZ, Deema Bibi, during which she was told about the initiative aimed at giving students basic digital skills and enhancing their programming skills. 

Queen Rania then moved on to sit for a training session for teachers on the basics of coding and the “use of specialised educational resources to facilitate student access to coding-related learning opportunities,” according to the organisation’s website. 

After the session, the sovereign’s wife had the chance to speak to the teachers in training about their experience with the programme and the impact the acquisition of these skills has on students. 

It was then time for the Queen to join a group of 8th-grade students for a class on coding principles, safe Internet practices and the designing and building of mobile phone and gaming applications. 

Her last appointment for the day was with a group of entrepreneurs supported by mySTARTUP, the organisation from which INJAZ was born. Her Majesty heard about the importance of teaching coding and programming so that young people can create products and services that meet market demands. 

Queen Rania visits Al Jandaweel Secondary School for Girls to learn about digital skills program Road2Code and take part in an activity held under the global ed-tech initiative, Hour of Code. Photo: @queenrania/Instagram

The whole day was hosted by INJAZ, a Jordanian non-profit that in 2001 became independent from its parent company, Save the Children. They aim to “inspire and prepare youth to become productive members of society and accelerate the development of the national economy by contributing to the advancement of education and entrepreneurship,” according to their website. 

Alongside INJAZ, US-based was also one of the companies that supported this new project. Founded in 2013, it aims to provide basic digital skills to school children until 12th grade, as well as increase participation in the digital sphere from underrepresented groups, mainly women and minorities. 

Queen Rania has long been involved in promoting education in the country and abroad, particularly for women. She has also worked for many years towards making Jordan more competitive on the global market by highlighting the excellence of entrepreneurship the country has to offer.