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Queen Rania strongly criticises vaccination hoarding in rich countries

Queen Rania of Jordan
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Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan strongly criticised the global coronavirus vaccination strategy in an interview this week. The Queen is clearly dissatisfied and makes the statements in connection with an interview with the American TV-channel CNN. Several small nations in hard-hit regions that need the vaccine simply cannot obtain it due to hoarding of supplied.

Her Majesty says in the interview: “I do not understand why countries with too many vaccines cannot donate doses to poorer countries, and I am glad that some countries will do just that. If we do not do it for moral or ethical reasons, then at least for the sake of global health. The corona pandemic has shown us all what weaknesses there are in the way our world community is built.”

The Queen further states: “This pandemic has really revealed and reinforced cracks in our world order along the lines of income inequality, gender inequity, social injustice, and you can’t add health inequality on top of that. While some people are enjoying the benefits of rebounding global markets, far too many people around the world are suffering from parallel pandemics of hunger, violence, and illiteracy. Whatever ‘normal’ we go back to, I know that we cannot go back to the ‘old normal’ that left too many people behind. If we’ve learnt one thing from this crisis, it’s that we’re only as strong as the weakest among us.”

Queen Rania was born in Kuwait and after receiving her bachelor’s degree in business at the American University in Cairo, her family moved to Amman, Jordan where she met and married then Prince Abdullah, now King. The couple has three older children, Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, and Princess Salma.

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan is best known for her advocacy work in public health and education and as an outspoken opponent of the practice of “honour killings. Queen Rania is also very preoccupied with the youth of the world and all the problems that afflict especially girls and women in the world’s poorest countries.

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