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Queen Rania presents German Chancellor Merkel with Golden Victoria Honorary Award

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan was in Berlin, Germany, last evening to present German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Golden Victoria Honorary Award for Political Leadership at the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) Publishers‘ Night.

The Queen spoke at the event praising the leadership of Chancellor Merkel as well as her moral courage and steadfast commitment in regards to the delivery of stability, prosperity, liberty, and peace.

The German leader has faced terrorist attacks, the refugee crisis, and financial instability and has addressed these issues during her time in office, Her Majesty pointed out.

Queen Rania remarked, “Despite her many years in office, her brand of leadership seems more unique today than ever. It is also more desperately needed, and more valuable.

“[Chancellor Merkel’s] calm resilience and resolve have enabled Germany not just to chart a safe course but to help guide the global community through the storm.”

In a photo provided by Her Majesty’s Press Office, Queen Rania is pictured with Chancellor Merkel after presenting her with the award. © Copyright 2018, Royal Hashemite Court

Her Majesty also described Merkel as someone with “dignity, diversity, humanitarianism, and compassion.”

Queen Rania is a global advocate for refugees fleeing war and persecution, and she highlighted and thanked the German Chancellor’s openness and welcoming of the refugees into Germany – which brought in over a million refugees in 2015.

The Queen went on to than Merkel for her leadership and support during the global refugee crisis on behalf of herself and all of Jordan, “For me and all of us in Jordan, it was a moment of great pride in our nations’ friendship.

“We too have opened our neighbourhoods, our hearts, and our means to those in need. Today, one out of every seven people in my country is a refugee. We could not shoulder this duty without Germany’s solidarity and support.”

The Queen speaks at the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) Publishers‘ Night on Monday. © Copyright 2018, Royal Hashemite Court

Her Majesty then called on the journalists and all in attendance to imagine a world where Merkel’s outlook was shared globally.

“Imagine the rights that might have been protected… the suffering that might have been avoided… the crises that might have been averted… the lives that might have been saved.

“She leads as she lives: trusting her intellect, experience, and conscience to light the way. In the process, she has helped this extraordinary country reveal the best of itself to the world,” the Queen remarked.

“Bigotry and hatred are not new ideas, but they have gained new momentum and reach in our digital age, where outrage sells and is amplified and spread with every click,” Queen Rania added while addressing the journalists while highlighting their vital role in today’s world.

Queen Rania and Chancellor Merkel also met privately ahead of the award ceremony.

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