Queen Rania of Jordan visits Al Aytam Society

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan visited the Al Aytam Society on 21 May to support the Nashmi Centre Project for Orphan Care. She was welcomed upon her arrival by Director of the Society, Zuhrieh Al Salman, and Founder of Nashmi Center, Ala’ Al Bashiti.

The was also there to learn about a new volunteer initiative of the centre. The Nashmi Centre Project for Youth Empowerment “aims to transform the facility into a model orphanage,” according to Her Majesty’s Press Office.

The Queen was briefed regarding the organisation’s revamping project for the orphanage and its services while meeting with a group of volunteers. She took the opportunity to also thank the volunteers for their work and for the individual attention they pay to Jordanian orphans.

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Her Majesty said, “An orphaned child is deprived of the love and care of his family, and must be treated as one of our own children. It is our humanitarian and religious duty to nurture and look after our orphans.”

She went on to emphasise that orphans are “among the most vulnerable groups in society” and added, “complacency in regards to the quality of care and services they receive cannot be tolerated.”

Queen Rania also spoke about the volunteers at the centre saying, “Volunteers are integral to enhancing the quality of services provided to orphans, building various partnerships for their benefit, and providing care and social integration opportunities for them.”

The Nashmi Centre Project for Orphan Care, called “My Project”, launched this month and will be executed in three phases throughout 2018. Her Majesty’s Office said that it “aims to challenge the status quo of orphan care and create a more sustainable and durable role for volunteers at orphanages, departing from longstanding seasonal campaigns to support this vulnerable group of young Jordanians.”

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