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Queen Rania emphasises importance of prayer and coexistence

Queen Rania of Jordan has emphasised the importance of prayer and praised coexistence between religions during a speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast (NPB) Gathering’s International Luncheon in Washington D.C.

The Queen gave the keynote speech at the yearly event – just a few hours after her husband, King Abdullah, gave the keynote speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Crown Prince Hussein at his side. She was joined by her daughter, Princess Iman, for the event.

Her Majesty spoke of how her day begins in prayer, like many Muslims and how it plays such an important part in her life. She spoke of the similarities Christians, Jews, and Muslims have in prayer and the necessity of coexisting.

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“Our win doesn’t need to be someone else’s loss. And being right doesn’t mean that the other side is wrong — only that we need other points of view to see a multi-dimensional picture,” she said.

Queen Rania later added that “prayer invites us to embody postures that we’ll need in order to find it.”

Her Majesty said that while the world is changing, our religious identity is something we can hold onto and provides refuge. She said: “Religion isn’t just about who we are, but what we do and how we do it.”

The Queen focused on humility, unity, and hope throughout her speech and even when people go astray or stumble, they can return “on a prayer mat, at the communion table, in a synagogue, a temple, in the privacy of our home, walking in nature, or in a simple moment of quiet contemplation.”

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The National Prayer Breakfast is held annually in the United States for political and religious leaders from the U.S. and across the globe. It takes place in the morning, with the International Luncheon taking place later in the day to honour members of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps.

Queen Rania spoke at the luncheon while on a visit to the United States alongside King Abdullah and Crown Prince Hussein.

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