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King Abdullah attends National Prayer Breakfast on his last day in the US

His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan attended the National Prayer Breakfast with his wife, Queen Rania yesterday morning in Washington D.C. on the pair’s last day in the United States. He also spoke to the assembled guests during the annual breakfast the Hilton’s International Ballroom.

His Majesty thanked his hosts for invited him and his wife to the event and that it was “wonderful to be with friends – some old, some new – but all dear to our hearts.”

The King went on to talk about the valued friendship Jordan has with America and how he was looking forward to working with the new administration.

He went on to speak about honouring God’s role in their lives and the future of the world. His Majesty also said how the spiritual values people share are unwavering unlike the uncertainty of things in life. He believes the Grace of God will help to find solutions to issues in need of being addressed across the world.

King Abdullah added, “And it is those common ideals that bring us all together today. Because they are the foundations of every religion; whether we bow in a mosque, kneel in a church, pray in a temple, or simply engage in a selfless act of kindness, we are joined in faith.

“Spiritual values are powerful because they reflect the highest source of our good. It is God who leads us to come together, as brothers, as sisters, equal in dignity, whatever our race or background or creed. His two greatest Commandments – To Love God and Love Our Neighbour – are recognised in Islam, Christianity, Judaism.”

The King also addressed the need to fight and defeat terrorism and the ongoing refugee crisis because of it. He urged people to open up their neighbourhoods and hearts to those seeking refuge. He reminded the audience of the difficulty of the Jordanian people these past few years but took solace in God.

His Majesty made sure to inform the audience of the true Islamic faith and called the radical Islam practised by extremists “Fake Islam.” He asked people to not buy into the fake ideology spread by groups like ISIS. He also implored the attendees to make the right decisions for the sake of our world.

He said, “Together, let’s set the record straight. Among its many beautiful gifts, Islam, as with other faiths, commands mercy and tolerance … calls on us to honour the dignity of every person … forbids coercion in religion … and demands respect for the houses of God. I am honoured and humbled to serve as Hashemite Custodian of Muslim and Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem, a city that is precious and Holy to all three monotheistic faiths and must be respected as such.”

Secretary of Defense Mattis greeting King Abdullah. Department of Defense photo by Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith

King Abdullah made these remarks at the end of the three-day visit by him and Queen Rania to the nation’s capital. During their short trip, Their Majesties met various members of Congress and different committees inside the legislative branch. The King also held meetings with Vice President Pence, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, and Secretary of Defence James Mattis.

Jordan is a key ally in the Middle East for the United States, and King Abdullah is the first Arab leader to meet President Trump. They spoke ahead of the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday morning.

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