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Major situation developing in Jordan – dozens arrested in potential coup attempt against Royal Family

A major situation is developing in Jordan this evening following reports of dozens of people being arrested for “security reasons.”

Among those arrested is a former senior advisor to King Abdullah and a member of Jordan’s Royal Family.

Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, former royal envoy to Saudi Arabia, and Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah, former head of the Royal Household, have been detained.

Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the former Crown Prince of Jordan, says he has also been placed under house arrest.

The Prince, who is half brother to King Abdullah, claims that his detention comes as part of a crackdown on critics.

BBC News has obtained a video of the Prince explaining his current situation from his apparent arrest.

This is despite the military previously denying that Hamzah had been detained.

A Jordanian royal source told the Washington Post that around 20 arrests have been made due to a “threat to the country’s stability.”

This is a developing news story. This page will be updated as news comes in.