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The Coronation of Charles III: the Crowning of a King

There are few moments more universally recognisable in a coronation ceremony than the crowning. A once in a reign event, we will see King Charles III crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May. 

The Coronation service will begin with the recognition and oath where the congregation recognises King Charles as the new Monarch and he will take his oath to serve the people. He will then be anointed as king under a canopy of gold cloth. Following that The King will be invested with all of the symbols of monarchy, including the spurs, the Orb, the sovereign’s ring, and the Sceptre. 

His Majesty will then be crowned. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will first lift St. Edward’s Crown, set it down on the altar, and then offer the following prayer “Oh God, the crown of the faithful; bless we beseech thee and sanctify this thy servant our king/queen, and as thou dost this day set a crown of pure gold upon his/her head, so enrich his/her royal heart with thine abundant grace, and crown him/her with all princely virtues through the King Eternal Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dr. David Hoyle MBE, the Dean of Westminster, will then carry St. Edward’s Crown to the Coronation Chair and will give it to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop will then place the crown on The King’s head and the congregation will repeat “God Save the King” three times. Gun salutes will be given at this moment from both the Tower of London and Hyde Park. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury will then complete the crowning by giving this prayer, “”God crown you with a crown of glory and righteousness, that having a right faith and manifold fruit of good works, you may obtain the crown of an everlasting kingdom by the gift of him whose kingdom endureth for ever.”

The crowning is then following by the enthronement and homage, and then the closing procession. 

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