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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty

Sit back and enjoy The Royal Wives of Windsor on True Royalty

While you are sitting back trying to find out what to watch this Sunday, tune into True Royalty for The Royal Wives of Windsor which is now live on their site.

“Marrying a Prince may sound like a fairy tale come true, but the reality of royal life can be harsh and unforgiving. From navigating an endless list of unwritten rules to living the rest of your life in the public eye, royal life can turn into a full-blown nightmare after just one faux pas,” True Royalty explains.

The Royal Wives of Windsor takes a look at what life entails for a woman who marries into the British Royal Family like the Duchesses of Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex. It discusses their lifetime of public duties for Queen and country and the charities of their choosing while also focusing on the unspoken rules and social etiquettes the royal ladies follow.

You can’t talk about the women marrying into the Royal Family (but especially Meghan and Kate) without some focus on their fashion and their promotion of British (and American) brands. The documentary talks about how the Duchess of Cambridge entered her marriage wearing a lot of high street brands to show the people she was just like any other girl while also discussing the hard time Sarah, Duchess of York had regarding her fashion choices as a member of the British Royal Family.

Another main job of a royal wife (especially a future queen consort) is to provide the monarchy with an heir and a spare. This is discussed as is the shift in attitudes from when King Edward VIII married divorced American Wallis Simpson vs Prince Harry marrying the divorced American Meghan Markle in 2018. Whereas, for the most part, Meghan has been welcomed, Wallis was shunned. Moreover, comparisons are made between the Prince of Wales marrying aristocrat Diana Spencer vs Prince William marrying Kate from the middle class.

This is a show you don’t want to miss!

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