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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty

Learn how to make the perfect soufflé by watching True Royalty

Want to learn how to make the perfect soufflé, just like the Duke of Edinburgh likes with Andrassy Pudding? Well, you are in luck!

All that and more are covered in “Royal Recipes: Royal Consorts” which is live on True Royalty alongside other food centred shows like “Royal Recipes: Royal Visits,” “Royal Recipes: Young Royals” and “Royal Recipes: Party Food.”

The tastebuds of royal consorts are the focus for True Royalty this week, and you can take down a few recipes to make some treats for your family and friends to treat them like royalty!

About the 43 minute programme, True Royalty says, “The dishes on show include a favourite of Princess Diana cooked by her former chef Carolyn Robb, a chocolate soufflé said to be enjoyed by Prince Philip and an extravagant first course named after Queen Victoria’s beloved husband Albert. All taste just as wonderful today.”

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