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Former Princess Mako’s husband resolves financial dispute

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Kei Komuro, the husband of former Princess Mako of Akishino, has resolved the financial dispute with his mother’s former fiance that loomed over his wedding.

The financial dispute concerned approximately 4 million yen, some of which was reportedly used to fund Kei Komuro’s education. It was claimed to be either a gift or a loan, leading to the dispute. The former fiance and Kei Komuro met in a lawyer’s office, and he has now received a settlement. The matter is now considered to be closed by both parties.

The dispute led to severe criticism in the press, and the wedding ended up being postponed for three years. Kei Komuro completed his education in the United States during this time, with the support of Mako. However, Mako was diagnosed with PTSD following the intense media frenzy. Kei Komuro and Mako were finally married on 26 October 2021, with Mako giving up her Imperial titles and place in the family as is required of Japanese princesses when they marry commoners. The newlyweds will be moving to the United States, where Kei Komuro works as a paralegal. He recently failed his first attempt at the New York bar exam, but he will be able to retake it in the spring.