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Princess Mako weds Kei Komuro and leaves Imperial Family

By Presidencia El Salvador from San Salvador, El Salvador, América Central - Visita Princesa Mako de Akishino 18, CC0, Wikimedia Commons

Japan’s Princess Mako has married her college sweetheart, Kei Komuro, this morning.

Mako and Kei Komuro, both 30, submitted their marriage registration this morning. The Princess – in a light blue dress – left her family’s residence, Akasaka Imperial Residence, for the last time as a royal at 10 am local time. Her younger sister, Princess Kako, was seen giving her a hug goodbye as Mako held a bouquet of flowers. Her parents, Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko also saw their daughter off.

Now that Mako has married Kei Komuro, she is no longer a member of the Imperial Family and holds no royal titles, as required by Japanese law. The new commoner is now styled Mako Komuro.

The couple will give a press conference in Tokyo this afternoon at 2 pm local time. They will give opening remarks, but due to Mako’s complex PTSD, they will distribute written answers to five questions to the media outlets in the room. The Imperial Household said the Princess “feels a strong sense of anxiety” at having to answer questions verbally, so the couple chose to submit written answers instead. This format was agreed upon by Mako’s doctor.

The Komuros will move to New York City, where Kei is employed at a law firm.

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