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Abdication of Queen Margrethe II

Denmark’s Prime Minister on Queen Margrethe: ”she has done honour to the Kingdom”

Denmark’s Prime Minister has paid an emotional tribute to Queen Margrethe following the monarch’s surprise decision to abdicate.

Just minutes after the Queen of Denmark revealed that she would step aside in early January, PM Mette Frederiksen described Margrethe as ”the epitome of Denmark”.

Her words came in a statement issued on New Year’s Eve as people across Denmark reacted to the news that their monarch of over half a century is passing the throne to her heir.

Mette Frederiksen said ””On behalf of the entire population, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Her Majesty The Queen for her lifelong dedication and tireless service to the Kingdom.”

Margrethe II took the throne on January 14 1972 and Denmark’s Prime Minister said that ”Many of us have never known another ruler”

Ms Frederiksen added ‘‘although the duty and office of a regnant have been passed down for more than 1,000 years, it is still difficult to comprehend that the time has come for a change of throne.

And she summarised the huge part that the monarch has played in the life of Denmark for over fifty years, noting ”Queen Margrethe is the epitome of Denmark and throughout the years she has put words and feelings on who we are as a people and as a nation.”

The Prime Minister of Denmark also had warm words for Margrethe’s successor who is about to become the country’s first king for half a century. She said of the future monarch ”in the new year, Crown Prince Frederik will be proclaimed King. Crown Princess Mary will become Queen. The kingdom will have a new regnant and a new royal couple. We can look forward to all this expectantly, knowing that they are prepared for the responsibility and the task.

However, her main thoughts were with Queen Margrethe and her statement ended ”But tonight and in the time to come, we want to acknowledge The Queen’s undeniable importance to Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. We do so with equal parts gratitude and admiration.”

Her last words were a powerful tribute with the Prime Minister saying ”Queen Margrethe has done honour to the Kingdom.”

Denmark’s Prime Minister makes a TV address on New Year’s Day and the abdication of Margrethe II and the accession of the soon to be Frederik X are expected to feature heavily in that, too.

It is Mette Frederiksen who will declare the start of the new reign. On January 14th 2024 she will proclaim Frederik as King of Denmark from Christiansborg Palace.

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