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William and Harry to launch The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will announce that the search is on to find The Queen’s Young Leaders of the Commonwealth, by holding a reception in Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

Royal Wedding - The Wedding Ceremony Takes Place Inside Westminster Abbey

The Programme will run from 2015 to 2018. During this time a total of 240 exceptional younger leaders from the Commonwealth will be bestowed honours at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, in partnership with Comic Relief and The Royal Commonwealth Society, has created The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme in honour of Her Majesty’s long and continued service to the Commonwealth.

The goal of the Programme is to “discover, celebrate and support young people from every Commonwealth nation.” The goal is to do this via an awards scheme and by awarding grants so aid groups throughout the Commonwealth that work to help transform the lives of young people.

These young people will be selected for having converted their own lives and the lives of those around them, in spite of challenges they may have faced along the way.

In honour of the 60 years that The Queen had served as Head of the Commonwealth at the time of her Diamond Jubilee, 60 inspirational young people will be selected each year, from 2014 to 2018. At least one young person from every commonwealth country will receive a Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

Young people 18-29 will be chosen for the Award and all will be citizens of a Commonwealth country.

William, Harry, members of the Programme and around 150 guests, including many young people presently living in the UK and representing their own Commonwealth country will gather in the Bow Room at the Palace.

Former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, KG, CH who is Chairman of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust will deliver a speech and those gathered will view a short promotional film. After the film, William and his brother will announce that “The Search Is on” to find the Queen’s leaders.

The group will then enter the 1855 Room, which for this day only, will be converted into a state of the art digital hub. William and Harry will be photographed in front of a twitter mirror, then take part in the first Google hang out at Buckingham Palace.

After the social media activities, The Duke and Prince will move into the 1844 Room to view an art exhibition on the History of Inspirational Young People. This photographic retrospective will include images of Commonwealth leaders and The Royal brothers will learn from the curators the reasons why these individual images have been selected for this temporary exhibition.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is a charitable foundation launched in 2012 to commemorate and celebrate The Queen’s 60 year contribution to the Commonwealth.

photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin cc

  • Benaria Oliveira

    A missão de conseguir a conversão, mudança de óptica tem trazido bons frutos à Humanidade. Tenho observado que muitas pessoas estão deixando seus empregos seculares para se dedicar a tarefa de ajudar à Humanidade. Isto me fez lembrar do Trono de Deus, que ainda está ocioso, com a presença do mundo espiritual, formado pela memória refletido no Estado. Acredito sim no direito da Rainha Elizabeth II, sentar-se no Trono de Deus, uma jovem líder com o papel vivo de manter defender e vivificar uma comunidade como Commonweaalth que para mim é um pilar em defesa do Reino Humano e Construção do Paraíso na Terra. Hoje estou aposentada e gostaria de ter credenciais de observadora no campo neutro na comunidade de Commonwealth.

  • Benaria Oliveira

    Acho que existe uma tendência a distribuição de credenciais à observadores da Comunidade de Commonweaalth, quero ser incluída na lista dos Observadores da Comunidade de Commonwealth.

  • Benaria Oliveira

    Thank you! I’d rather post as guest.

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