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The Queen’s car collection valued at £10 million

The Queen is estimated to have a car collection that is worth a whopping £10 million, according to the online car dealer, Car Keys.

Online car dealer, Car Keys have valued Her Majesty’s collection of cars, both new and old. The online car dealer has examined a wide range of expensive and exclusive cars that have been or are currently in the ownership of the Queen.

The long list of lavish vehicles ranges from Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Jaguars.

The first of the exclusive cars are Bentleys. Her Majesty has two custom built Bentleys. The cars are both fitted with a removable roof for the purpose of people being able to see a 360-degree view of The Queen during public engagements while in one of these cars. The Bentleys are also uniquely longer than normal; because the set of twin Bentleys are custom made they are nearly a metre longer than a standard Bentley, which is 6.22 metres. The final lavish feature of the custom built Bentleys includes rear seats that have been made with a lambswool cloth.

Another car custom made for Her Majesty was the Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB. Custom fittings included; a radio that was fitted in the boot of the car that could be used to communicate with Downing Street and the Home Office. Other exclusive features were an armrest that had been designed to fit Her Majesty’s handbag and a secret button disguised as cigarette lighters that when pressed triggers neon lights that let the secret service identify her. The Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB was sold at auction in 2013.

A favourite car of Her Majesty’s is the Land Rover Defender. According to Car Key’s Ryan McElroy, The Queen has owned an estimated 30 Land Rovers. The Queen owned a custom-built Land Rover, which was built for her in 2002. Unique features in the car included; raised suspension, upholstery in the car consisting of green leather and heated seats. In 2014, the exclusively built Land Rover was auctioned for £30,240.

The list of luxurious cars that have been or are currently owned by the Queen today goes on. It’s no secret that Her Majesty has good taste in cars, as her current collection is totalled to be worth £10 million.

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