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“I hope it’s just water” jokes The Queen while in Hull

Thursday morning at 10:30 am, Her Majesty The Queen arrived in Hull for a busy visit.

As this year’s UK City of Culture, hundreds of well-wishers came down to greet Her Majesty upon her arrival cheering as she stepped off the royal train bringing a smile to the 91-year-olds face.

Thousands of people have visited Hull since the start of the year to experience the events, which will result in the Turner Prize being awarded come December.

The Queen unveiled a plaque at Hull Paragon before she departed for the Siemens factory.

At the factory, Managing Director of the Wind Power Division Clark MacFarlane gave Queen Elizabeth a tour of the blade production plant where the process was explained to her.

She ended her whirlwind trip with a visit to the University of Hull to open the new Allam Medical Building. After the official opening Henry Stephenson 8, with mother Jemma, handed The Queen a bouquet of flowers.

At the University, The Queen spoke with a medical gown dressed student, Craig Millward, who was pretending to be a patient during Her Majesty’s visit.

Lecturer Mags Guest commented to The Queen: “We’re using Craig, one of our student nurses, as a patient.”

The Queen responded saying: “Sometimes it’s alright, I suppose,” then laughed at Guest’s comment that “He gets to spend a day in bed.”

Millward was given a glass of water to take his pretend drugs to which The Queen joked “I hope it’s just water,” causing more laughter from those around her.

She then met and watched ‘John’ a medical mannequin be treated for gall-bladder surgery, and another mannequin undergo a realistic Caesarean operation, where a baby was born in the operating theatre.


Each year 140 doctors graduate from Hull York Medical School.

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Hull, Professor Julie Jomeen, said: “The Allam Medical Building will transform the way we teach the next generation of health professionals, giving them the very best opportunities and training to deliver the healthcare of the future, and enhancing their student experience considerably.”


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