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Prince Harry concludes tour of Estonia

Today Prince Harry concluded his tour of Estonia by meeting with the Estonian  military and watching a NATO Spring Storm exercise, known as ‘Kevadtorm’.


The exercise is the final one for Estonian conscripts after months of training in the military for national service, which the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment also took part. The Prince, donning his camouflage uniform, met with military personnel and Estonia’s president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves. After the exercise, the 29-year-old Prince saw a familiar face in southern Estonian town of Otepaa: the captain that shared a room with in Afghanistan, Captain Tanel Tarlap.

Harry served alongside Estonian troops on his deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, wearing the badge on his uniform.

He also presented the British Certificate of Commendation to Estonian soldier Martin Valk, and posed for a photo with the regiment (Harry is middle of the back row, in a lighter uniform).

Yesterday, he laid a wreath in honour of fallen Estonian personnel, then met with injured servicemen and women, as an ambassador of The Invictus Games, he champions their reintegration into civilian life and achievement in sport.

He will arrive in Italy later today for further remembrance engagements.

photo credit: MilitaryHealth via photopin cc

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