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Prince Harry salutes soldiers at Beating Retreat

Prince Harry saluted soldiers performing at the Beating Retreat earlier this week.

The concert is held at the Horse Guards Parade in Westminster. The Beating Retreat takes place in front of St James’s Park, which accommodates a mammoth 58 acres of green space.

The Beating Retreat is “a spectacular evening pageant of music and military precision drill, including horses, cannon and fireworks.” The remarkable performance is held yearly on the days prior to The Queen’s Birthday Parade, usually on the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday. The occasion is also known as Trooping The Colour.

Prince Harry attended the ceremonial concert to pay his respects. His Royal Highness was pictured wearing a black frock coat, which is recognised as the ceremonial uniform of the Household Cavalry.

Prince Harry saw over 750 soldiers perform from the Massed Bands of the Household Division. His Royal Highness made up an audience amounting to a whopping 6,500.

The Beating Retreat concerts carry a long-held tradition, with the first taking place in the 1690s. The name of the concert dates backs to its original meaning. A beating of a drum was originally used as an order for troops to halt combat and return to camp before dark. Today, however, represents a Beating Retreat concert as “an evening military concert with a marching display and usually marks the lowering of the Regimental flag at sunset.”

The Beating Retreat concert only takes place in London. The annual event has been described by people as:

“Amazing, amazing, amazing.”

“London at its Finest.”

“A perfect event in a perfect venue.”

“Beating Retreat. Epic.”

This year the concert took place on Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th of June.

Along with Prince Harry, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Mark Lancaster and Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon also attended the spectacular event.

You can find out more about Beating Retreat by clicking here.

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