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Prince Harry reveals he misses army life

It was a career that became a passion, and Prince Harry still feels nostalgic about it.

Officer Cadet Wales, as he was known when he first joined the Army in 2005, has revealed that he misses “black humour” and camaraderie of army life, as he spoke to a group of war veterans.

The remarks came during a visit to the charity Help for Heroes recovery centre in Wiltshire, Tedworth House, where the royal learned about the range of support the charity offers to those suffering from mental health problems.

Addressing beneficiaries, Harry said: “Getting back your mental health, mental wellbeing, your mental fitness is a really important thing.

“Rather than operating at fifty or sixty per cent you can operate at eighty or ninety percent and be a better person. Look at what you have achieved with this. It is remarkable. I thought I was good at carpentry, but clearly, I’m not.”

The fifth to the throne also visited the woodlands and the Hero Garden, where he met those learning new skills such as gardening and furniture making, a therapeutic technique that help in the recovery process.

John Geden, a former member of the Royal Military Police who developed a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and now runs his own beekeeping company said: “It was a real pleasure to meet Harry and to be given the opportunity to tell him about how Help for Heroes have made such a massive difference to me. If it wasn’t for the charity, I never would have started my own business and it was amazing to be able to tell him that.’’

Harry, who ended his work with Army in 2015, has been a huge supporter of mental health, a cause he champions along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge through the Heads Together campaign, which aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

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