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Queen’s former spokesman says the Duchess of Cornwall will be a wonderful Queen Consort

Former Buckingham Palace spokesman, Dickie Arbiter, has shared with Hello! magazine his conviction that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will make a brilliant Queen Consort when her husband, Prince Charles, ascends the throne.

Arbiter said: “Camilla has supported her husband, Prince Charles, since their marriage in April 2005 and doing a good job of it ever since. She’s a no-nonsense lady and believes that there are things you can change and there are things you can’t and those you can’t don’t waste time trying. As an army wife in her first marriage she became used to dealing with people and their problems. This has helped her enormously in her charitable work and supporting them.”

He went on to compliment the Duchess of Cornwall’s interactions with the general public, a daily part of the royals’ lives as they undertake engagements at home and abroad.

“She’s inquisitive so she’ll ask probing questions…She’s interested so she’ll listen and won’t look over shoulders to see if there’s someone more important and interesting, and she’ll talk because she likes meeting people which makes her a good communicator, at ease talking to people from all walks of life whether a head of state or just chatting on walkabouts. She also has a good sense of fun and humour.”

Although it has previously been stated that if and or when Charles becomes King, Camilla would be given the title of ‘Princess Consort’, references to this title have now been removed from the royal family’s website; a move many believe indicates that she will be ‘Queen Consort’ instead.

Support for the Duchess is stronger than ever, according to Arbiter, who said: “When the engagement was announced in February 2005, Clarence House were at pains to make clear that when Prince Charles became King the Duchess would be known as The Princess Consort. Coming as it did eight years after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, sensitivities were running high and the title Princess Consort was seen as a compromise pleasing some but not all.”

He added that: “It’s now 21 years since the death of Diana in 1997 and public attitudes have changed, and continues to do so, with a greater acceptance of Camilla today than there was say thirteen years ago… The Duchess through her work has shown herself to be a good support to her husband and to the Queen thus making her not only an asset to the country but to the institution of monarchy. So when the day does ultimately come Camilla will take her place alongside her husband not as Princess Consort but at Queen Consort.”

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