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Prince Charles makes fourth visit to Tottenham

Today The Prince of Wales visited Tottenham for the fourth time since the riots in the area broke out in August 2011.

The area and community were subject to serious acts of violence and trauma after the shooting of Mark Duggan, which sparked the beginning of the riots. This led to the violence spreading to areas of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. The Prince of Wales has been heavily involved in the regeneration projects of the area. This visit will enable Charles to see the progress being made in the area. A number of charities that Prince Charles works with were tasked with helping the communities effected, namely The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

Charles visited Tottenham for the 4th time today, and has often been accompanied by  Camilla

Charles visited Tottenham for the 4th time today and has often been accompanied by Camilla on previous visits

Charles first visited the North London area with The Duchess of Cornwall on the 17th August 2011, where they met with community members and the emergency services who dealt with the rioting at a local leisure centre.

In February 2012, Charles and Camilla visited Tottenham once again. When speaking with local shopkeepers and residents, the couple learned more about how the people of the area were recovering as a community, some six months after the riots ended.

Almost a year on, in July 2012, The Prince and Duchess visited the MENCAP Community Centre, where they met with members of The Prince’s Charities working in the area to return Tottenham to its former state. Whilst they were there the Olympic Torch was paraded through Tottenham and the London Borough of Haringey, carried by a Prince’s Trust Young Entrepreneur.

Tottenham during the rioting of 2011

Tottenham suffered severe violence and damage during the rioting of 2011. The Prince of Wales and his charities have been helping to restore the area and the community.

The work, in partnership with local stakeholders, is still on-going even two and a half years after the event. The Prince is involved in many other regeneration and restoration projects, such as the restoration of The Church of St John the Evangelist, Hertfordshire, which has undergone 12 years of work. The Judges Lodging in Powys has also been restored to its former Victorian glory, with the building now including cells and servants quarters. Both of which Charles visited just last week, as well as a 17th century Maesyronnen Chapel in Hay-on-Wye.

It is certainly not the last time we will see Prince Charles in Tottenham, as the work there is still on-going. We can also expect to see more of the 65-year old up-and-down the country as he takes on more responsibilities from his mother, Her Majesty The Queen.

photo credits: Hapre & Beacon Radio via photopin cc

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