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Prince Andrew & Prince Charles in row over future role of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

The Prince of Wales and Duke of York are reportedly in the midst of a “bitter row” regarding the future roles of Prince Andrew’s daughters.

According to a report in the Sunday Express, the Duke of York wants Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie to become full time working royals.

The two daughters currently do not undertake official engagements on behalf of the Royal Family. Prince Andrew would like them to be given tax payer funded roles and accommodation at Kensington Palace.

However, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles has reportedly intervened in the proposals leaving the ultimate decision to Her Majesty The Queen.

The York girls currently have no public role. However, with the senior members of the family ageing there are calls for younger blood to take up more responsibility. The Duke of Edinburgh is now 95-years-old, the Queen is 90 and their children are in their sixties.

Her Majesty has become more cost-conscious over the years and has slimmed down Monarchy with only a core six members of the family taking a major public role. While Prince Charles, William and Harry’s roles are certain, the same can’t be said for the rest of the members of the Royal Family. Over the past few years, The Queen has had to stop subsidising some of her more distant relatives. For example, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent had to begin paying rent on their Kensington Palace apartments which were previously supplied by The Queen.

Once Prince Charles ascends the throne, it is speculated that he may cut off some of his extended family from being royally active and focus on higher ranking members of the Royal Family.

What is your opinion on this matter? Should Beatrice and Eugenie become full time royals? Share your thoughts by commenting below:

  • Rob

    Zara & Peter Phillips have shown it is perfectly possible to be working members of the Royal Family, they just get on with their lives & don’t expect special treatment. This will earn them more respect than demanding privileges.

    • Nancy O”Connor

      I think they should just live lives of their own especially when they are young .The future is always uncertain and they need to just be independent and live their lives . Once older their choices lessen for careers they may want Also can this decision be theirs? They are adults and may want to make their own life choices

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      They are not members of the Royal Family as titles do not pass from a female to her children.

      • Carole Jackman

        Of course they are members of the Royal family as the Queen’s grand children. Albeit untitled members!

        • Patrick

          They’re members of the Queen’s family, but not members of the Royal Family.

  • stewart clarke

    I would say no, and Charles should not take over from the Queen he is to Old and a divorced Man

    • PosterMeerkat

      What, like Henry VIII?

  • Tina

    Too far removed from the throne

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      So fire Princess Alexandra and Princess Anne, who work tirelessly on behalf of the family? They’re “far removed from the throne”.

      • Lorna

        Certainly not fire Princesses Anne and Alexandra – they really have worked tirelessly. I don’t remember seeing either of them attending endless parties and even longer holidays for weeks at a time. But the York sisters have dedicated themselves to nothing much .. clearly no aptitude!

      • Andrew Marsh

        How is Anne far removed? She’s the Queen’s daughter!!

        • cindy

          Pretty far. She’s 12th in line, because boys inherit before girls. The rule change only applies to William’s children.
          Charles, William, George, Charlotte, Harry, Andrew, Beatrice, Eugenie, Edward, James, Louise, Anne

          • Andrew Marsh

            Sorry, Cindy, I now see that “far” related to succession and not biology. I’m so sorry for being a bit slow!! I am an old man. Thank you for your forbearance.

          • Elaine Oxford

            So nice to see a gentleman apologizing to someone on here I am 86 and a Royalist love to see these comments.

          • Andrew Marsh

            Thank you, Elaine, for your kind compliment, which quite surprised me (I am not accustomed to something pleasant being said to me). I was brought by very loving parents, who instilled good manners into all their children and they expected us all to be respectful to all people and, whilst I am 66 now, I see no reason to change the way I interact with others, however distasteful they me be behaving. Thank you, once again, Elaine. I really do appreciate your words. Where are you geographically, please?

        • Helen Lucas

          Despite being the Queen’s daughter, she is now about 12th in line to the throne

  • Trish Bolton

    Not they should not, carry on with their own lives the way that Princess Anne’s children did, there are enough people doing a great job without extras.

  • Karen119

    I think Beatrice and Eugenie need to get their own jobs, make their own money, and pay their own bills. And let’s lose the titles.

    • Bisto

      Agree with you there, Karen, about ditching their titles. There is a precedent – Princess Patricia of Connaught (a granddaughter of Queen Vic), who became ‘plain’ Lady Patricia Ramsay, on marriage. The Porks and their Scratchings perform no useful purpose whatsoever, and they need to be pushed into the real world of WORK. Charles is right to kick them off the payroll!.

  • bearzy123

    I don’t think the “Princesses” are even interested in playing a royal role…..Aren’t they just a couple of playgirls now…….. They don’t even live inthe UK.. right ??

    • Donna Gould Pordes

      they don’t want royal duties, they want the digs @KPalace and the $$$$.

  • PenSmith

    I’m in two minds. While I would love more opportunities for the young royals, I feel that Beatrice and Eugenie aren’t the right candidates for that particular job. Lady Louise or the Phillips would be better.

  • Lady Martha

    Beatrice and Eugenie would be better served to educate themselves further, find fulfilling employment and simply add royal activities when appropriate. Trouble in a monarchy always raises its ugly head when royals ask for more. The girls are intelligent with good personalities and can contribute a great deal to their own lives and to the success of their country.

    • Carole Jackman

      They are educated, they have both been to university!

      • PosterMeerkat

        It is quite possible to go to university and STILL be uneducated!

        • Marie

          NO WAY! Enough hangers on already. Charles is right.

  • Mary Ann

    I don’t think that either of them are special, not likely to attract the crowds so not much use.

  • Christine McBain

    Princess Anne’s two children live their lives without titles and I think they are more popular than Beatrice and Eugene. Prince Edward’s children do not have prince and princess titles and will go on to live happily as Zara and Peter do. I am a royalist but enough is enough.

  • Beverly Roque

    Succession have been the longest common problem among prominent families because of the common law handed to the eldest member of the family as the superior. This issues have been always the cause of disharmony among members of the family which sometimes leads to bloody wars. This not be the case now, we are already in the new era , there should be some reforms for the succession policies. As a Mom and a parent , this type of unlawful succession should not be practice anymore for the benefits of her children,grandchildren and future grandchildren. The eldest child usually became so greed, getting all the favors for him leaving his siblings emptyhanded. The non- elder child is also suffering from identity crisis, self doubt , unworthiness and jealousy. It is so painful for the parents knowing this kind of results happening with their children. In this sense, it is proper for the Monarchy succession to have an election , all siblings should be equally qualified to take the post as long as he have the qualities required for leadership. Each member of the Royal family should deserved equal treatment and privileges to take their royal duties. A family that have harmony, peace and equality is a very good sign of long lasting monarchy.

  • Kathy

    Definitely not. They are now too far removed from the throne. If they don’t have to ask the Queen for permission to marry then the tax payer should not have to fund them. They essentially should volunteer their time like the rest of us.

    • Elaine Oxford

      I agree intirerly !

  • An American thought

    Those two would ruin any dignity the monarchy has tried to achieve, party girls….can’t keep jobs because of all the vacations

  • Adeoye Olabisi Ayodele

    The truth is they are Royals by birth and
    they should treated as good as all other however in situation where things have to be down size note the word have to be “down sized” then every needs to be considerate and i will say a mixture of both work and royal engagment will be a good step in the right direction for who knowns they might need to step into that shoe in future so taking them off totally might not be a good idea however they can make there own money and still get involue on part time royal duties, this will give everyone the sense of belonging,for nobody likes to be left out though they might say it or show it, and for me i like that smile betrice wears when shes on duty the ladt time i saw her on Tv i threw her a tennis ball co’s her she has a way of brigthen the show and her sister is good at what she does too so please i understand we all need to be wisewhich i respect “Mummy” HM for that reasoning however we can kill two birds with one stone, though this me Just talking i don’t even know how much it cost to put them royal role, so the devision still goes back to mummy HM, haha but i like seeing though.

  • Lorna

    I’ve read that Prince Andrew is very wealthy as the result of investments in the Stock Market, property and restaurants .. so surely he can fund the Princesses until they find wealthy husbands? I really do think that they should not have been HRHs .. but should have titles in the same way as the Wessexes have managed. I’m aware that the Princesses do some charity work but no-one could call it tireless!

  • I think Her Majesty dropped the ball and failed to marry off her remaindered blood-princess grand-daughters to lesser European houses. Queen Victoria had this down to an art.

    • Fred Jones III

      Well, there IS this little thing called free will … forced marriages have pretty much disappeared from western governments, thank god.

  • lechicmarquiesa

    with UK national debt rising over £1 Trillion, WHERE do you fit in the british royal family, especially lazy royals (i.e Prince William and Kate Middleton).

    • Carole Jackman

      William & Kate are not lazy far from it. William has a job & still carries out royal duties. Kate Is mum to two small children. The Queen wanted them to have family time until its time for William to step it up a gear. Please remember that William is NOT next in line at the moment. You cannot compare William & Kate to Charles & who ever his wife was or is now as their positions are different at this time.

  • Joanne

    No way, the taxpayers should not fund them, they need to go get jobs. What makes them so special. Princess Ann’s children are not dependent on the taxpayers, why should they be any different then other children. They are a bit flighty like their mother and don’t seem to want anything to do with playing a royal role.

    • Elaine Oxford

      Definitely !

  • mnchkty

    They need proper jobs, with proper pay, not funded by taxpayers.

  • angela cowling

    The Queen’s thoughts and ideas are the best. She should be able to make economies if she sees fit. The two Princesses are not particularly suited to becoming ‘ambassadors’ for the UK. They have definitely not had good role models to follow, so are not prepared for such important positions.

    • Elaine Oxford

      Correct every word you say I heartily agree.

  • Michelle Headlam

    Good idea. I think they are really dignified and stylish. And far from being “party girls” .

  • Riley

    My opinion is that if you are a HRH then you should be earning your keep as a full-time royal. This is the present custom and some of the hardest working royals are those far removed from immediate succession, like Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent and the Gloucesters. I don’t see what threat Beatrice and Eugenie pose to the future King Charles. Last thing we need is a super small monarchy like in Spain and the Netherlands where the monarch and their spouse are basically the only active royals.

  • Malcolm Alexander

    In my opinion, they are not sufficiently schooled to be in such a position. Surely if they wish to have a more recognisable role, they should dedivcate themselves to ‘working’ in charitable positions that involve WORK. They need to show that they are ‘respoinsible’ members of the royal family and not expect to be supported by the country. I can understand the Duke of York wanting the best for his children and he has certainly learned how to milk the system to his own benefits. Perhaps he could personally employ them, but as to free accomodation, never. His father could afford to buy them a property if he didn’t want to scrounge it from the country.

  • Dodson

    No, they should not. Grace & favor rooms while the Queen is alive (which they currently enjoy). Thereafter, members of the family of course, with full access to Royal Lodge of course as long as HRH Prince Andrew is alive and all family functions whenever possible. But support themselves, and accordingly they should be left out of the constant public eye.

  • luigi pasquali

    Prince Charles is right. There is a power struggle going on and many details are not known by the public.

  • Diana

    They should pay their way like the rest of us in life instead of relying on the monarchy to fund their lifestyles. I’ve got more respect for Princess Anne’s children who have made their own way in life.

  • Peggyrose

    No! They have jobs and boyfriends and spend a lot of time in the USA. Andrew is arrogant and has let the Royal family down with his behaviour in the past. Historically though, Beatrice is the same position as the Queen before her father became king when Edward V111 abdicated and she will be aware of this. Things are so different now though as she has three direct heirs and their is no possibility of the York girls ever being in the same position that She and Princess Margaret were.

  • l l Jackson

    Abs not in my name!! They are both not dignified enough to represent or royal family.I blame the parents!

  • Debbie McColl

    Absolutely not. …..! Prince Charles is absolutely right to step in and stop this.

  • Elaine Montgomery

    Those two clowns !! That dont even have any dress sense !! Represent the U.K I think NOT !!

  • Kerry elein

    Definitely not. They should be working royals and pay their own way. Not expect the taxpayer to find them

  • Sguest

    This sound to me as though the Sunday Express is trying to make a sensation – as usual. Contrary to popular myth, no members of the Royal Family, whether working royals or not, receive any funding from taxpayers – it is not only unlikely but impossible that the daughters of the Duke of York would be any different.

    (Of course the Queen receives a Sovereign Grant to enable her to perform her duties as Head of State but the funds do not go to her personally.)

  • Jacek Kownacki


    • Fred Jones III

      Your use off all uppercase letters (yelling) and frequent misspelled words and improper grammar indicate that you are very angry. Has he or his family personally wronged you in some way, or are you just a really angry, sad person?

  • Nutmeg

    Certainly not. Why should the tax payers pay them for free loading. They should earn their living honestly like the rest of us. As a country we don’t need or want them. If their father is so keen for them to have more than he should support their lifestyles himself.

  • Andrew Marsh

    Their mother is a “commoner” and this has diluted the royal line. When Andrew married Sarah, and he needed the Queen’s permission to do so, he lost the right for his children to be true royals. That’s my take. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Fred Jones III

      As it is your opinion, you’re certainly welcome to express it and nobody will fault you for that. But as for the legality of it, it is incorrect.

      • Andrew Marsh

        Which part of you mean, Fred?

    • Donna Gould Pordes

      good point well taken

  • J.bairdwebb

    Definitely no, and Andrew can also go ,what good does he do for the country?

    • Fred Jones III

      Maybe you should look up Pitch at the Palace (Pitch@Palace) and educate yourself about what he does. Andrew does a great deal of good on behalf of young entrepreneurs and businesses in the UK.

  • Richard

    No they should not.

  • Margaret Ann Gordon

    Absolutely not – let their father keep them and house them – his free place is big enough.


    yes they should they are the grand daughters of the Queen same as Charles and Edward they are her sons same flesh and blood so there children the same as Charles children , so much bull going on in the familes, over what , we need a good KIng to take the throne and Prince William should be it he young and have more under standing, with the people.

  • luigi pasquali

    Andrew is a snooty little monster. He is a spoiled complainer and a hater just like his two daughters. You want the truth, there you have it.

  • Fr Ray Thompson

    Waste of space and waste of taxpayers’ money. Let them earn their keep. They already get free accommodation but this is not good enough for them apparently and they want more. They should try struggling to make ends meet like most of the population. I’m all for the Queen and the heirs, but the rest are just greedy and out of touch.

  • Bisto

    Both of them are a useless waste of space – as are their father and mother. They should ALL be ditched from the public payroll and sent out to earn a living. They bring the monarchy into disrepute, whilst The Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilla, Kate & Wills do so much to keep it relevant!

  • Kathy Northampton

    No they would not be paid tax payers money they should go and get proper job and start contributing to this country for there care

  • Kat Love

    Why is Harry in this if he’s 5th in line? Is it because he is an asset to the monarchy and very popular?

    • Donna Gould Pordes

      Harry is on the “team” because one day his father will be King. Andrew will never be King. Back in the day if the Prince of Wales hadn’t abdicated and stayed on the throne and had children, Little Elizabeth of York would have grown up and married an English (maybe Scottish) Aristo and retired to the country. Attending the royal family weddings and have perhaps a few local charities out in the counties close to her heart. And probably never get a curtsey.

      • Kat Love

        Well he is also very popular as well.

      • PosterMeerkat

        Are we sure his father will be king? Are we sure who is actually his father?

  • Jones

    No they should not get roles and free accommodation
    They should go out to work like ever other young person in this country

  • Sheila

    Definitely not, make them get proper jobs and pay their own way in life.

  • Veronica

    Just because they cannot hold down a decent job why should we support them, they are just like their father, waste of space and a disappointment. The other young royals manage without titles and hand outs, let these two do the same and if they can’t let their parents support them until some poor sap married them.

  • Robert

    Just get rid of the whole lot of them.

  • luigi pasquali

    So York the dork, aka Prince of Hate, wants all ” sub human peasants”s to pay for his daughters vacations mixed with a handful of hospital visits. Now, I ca

  • Acadian Flag

    Their grandmother is rich in her own right without tax payer money. Let her financially support her family.

  • Paulo

    Beatrice and Eugenie must become working members of the royal family. After all, the Gloucesters and the Kents must be replaced and the royal family needs a young face as Beatrice and Eugenie are.

  • Timothy P

    Why would anyone on the planet care about this rubbish? That whole family is literally as trashy as the Kardashians. They are simply the British version. Get rid of the entire royal family, such an obsolete concept. Once Liz Croaks,just end it completely.

    • Elaine Oxford

      You are definitely not a Brit if you are you should be ashamed of yourself !

  • Ina

    The Girls have more Royal blood than Catherine who is a commoner inserting herself in the Royal family without any aristocratic background.Both Princesses have jobs.At the end of the day it will be Her Majesty’s decision!But yes,they can easily participate in some engagements-they are still young,not married like Zara and Peter Philips who have families,children etc..There is no harm if they are given some even part time work as Royal representatives.

  • Gina

    is sad to see the two Princes having a row but as a Prince and a Father
    Prince Andrew is right.The Princesses have a lot more Royal blood than
    Catherine Middleton ,who is a commoner-she maybe be a nice looking
    educated woman but she has no aristocratic background and for a Princess
    and a Queen her DNA matters.I disagree when the media compares her to
    Lady Diana as they have nothing in common-Diana was coming from
    generations of English aristocrats-something which Catherine doesn’t
    have and it is extremely important when it is concerning the
    Monarchy.Prince Andrew’s daughters are children of a Royal Prince and a
    Mother with aristocratic background(Sara Ferguson is Lady Diana
    Spencer’s 3rd cousin) and they have the full right to represent their
    family.Giving them some part-time engagements will be no harm.However it
    is for Her Majesty to decide.

    • Elizabeth Harjes

      She is not Kate Middleton she us the Duchess of Cambridge. She may be a commoner but she is married to a Prince. Middleton was gone when she got married.

  • Paul Downes

    The year is 2016. Why should any of the Windsor family receive cash from our hard-earned taxes?
    However, I certainly agree with the calls for a new Royal Yacht – provided the entire Windsor clan gets on board and sails away never to return.

    • Galya

      Calculate how much you give the Royal family and then sit down honestly and calculate how much they bring to the country and all local businesses.People coming from every part of the wold do not come to see all lefties and any ordinary British citizen or even a politician who has nothing exceptional to offer but millions are travelling from each part of the globe to visit or touch something related to the Royals and the Monarchy who have made Britain GREAT and EXCEPTIONAL.And guess what all these people stay in hotels,eat in local cafes ,restaurants,visit other attractions so it’s all money coming to the UK thanks to who?????Definitely not thanks to the simple British republicans but thanks TO THE GREATEST MONARCHY that has preserved History and Traditions for centuries-this is the UNIQUE and EXCEPTIONAL which people need to realise,this is why Britain is called Great Britain!Respect and be happy to be a part of a country where you have a live History. All countries which have destroyed their Monarchies are facing huge trouble as peasants have no guts to rule and people coming for 4-10 years have no responsibility to the Nation neither their children-they come,become rich,make money and go with the wind and the country starts from scratch!This is why keep and appreciate what you have and guess what-you have a lot more than many countries don’t have…thanks to people who have sponsored the most stupid thing od all times-the destructive ,degrading every society stupid communist revolution…Today all these societies are struggling under the rule of ”come-and-go”irresponsible people who have made nothing but impoverishing their societies and destroying the economy.Remember-there isn’t any more incapable person than a communist/socialist-destruction is in their DNA-they just talk,talk,talk but have no management and useful skills….KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE AND BE PROUD OF IT!

  • Liz Ashby

    Like their mother, they are free loaders; they’ve both got degrees so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to find work.

  • lechicmarquiesa

    “The royal family value for money? They aren’t worth tuppence…We are told the monarchy is a bargain at 56p a year per subject. That’s wrong on the sums and the substance – Catherine Bennett, the Guardian UK. With over £1.6 trillion debt, the UK national debt attributable to EVERY man, woman and child is £24,900 each!. .. The royal family value for money? !!!

  • Lois Muncaster

    I do not feel they have the trained capacity to be in the position of working as “a royal”…They are Princesses only because of their lineage, their father is Prince Andrew. I do not believe that they would be very good representations…….what knowledge do they have to support themselves in this position?….So, my answer is “NO”.

  • Jan

    Let the young women keep their title of “Princess” and then find some very rich social- climbing family whose sons are ready to marry into Royalty. Problem solved. They will never have to work again. Prince Andrew will not have to support them.
    This was done all the time with old European royalty.

  • Lora

    The Kents, Gloucesters are all grandchildren of King George V and cousins of the Queen, and have at one time or another represented the Queen. The York Princesses are granddaughters of the Queen and nieces of the future King. They should be given an opportunity to serve their country, Queen and future King Charles III. In this matter the Queen should have the final say.

  • Les

    This is an absolute disgrace !!!They should NOT be given any increase in status or accommodation !!
    This gravy train needs to be trimmed to the bone,and all its occupants need to wake up to the real world…….and earn their own money instead of leeching off the public !!

  • bearzy123

    I love a Royal dust up !!! It’s delicious and Saturday night live worthy……….

  • R D Clark

    The York family are distinct from the other Royals in that they are active scroungers with little regard for the reputation of the the house of Winsor. The Duke himself is a habitual wastrel – indulges himself in luxury accommodation and expensive travel arrangements for engagements that often cannot be considered ‘Duty’ ie golf matches and holidays. He has connections with absolutely the wrong type of friends that do nothing to enhance the Royal Family’s reputation and public standing. He pompous and remote with a great tendency towards his own self interests. The Duchess is part of the disfunctional side of the York House, busies herself with social climbing, celebrity chasing and financial self-indulgence beyond her own means – dubious relationships and a marked lack of work ethics. The two princesses when not on extensive holidays worldwide have a lack of industry inherited from their parents and if anything are even less likely to be found gainfully employed. It would be a complete mistake to now promote these young ladies into public funded Royal duties, supply them with paid accommodation in the Kensington Palace apartments and accord them even greater privileges.

  • Karen Hewitt

    All they have done for most of their lives is go on holiday…what would they discuss with the average person they may encounter on a daily basis doing Royal engagements ? share horror stories about long delays on the Ski lifts at Verbier ?

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