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Yes, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie should become full time working royals

As previously reported by Royal Central, The Duke of York and Prince of Wales are currently in a dispute over whether Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie should become full time working royals.

The young royals, who are seventh and eighth in line to the British throne, are not currently funded by the taxpayer to undertake official engagements on behalf of the Royal Family.

Now Prince Andrew has called for his daughters to be given tax payer funded roles and accommodation at Kensington Palace.

There is a lot of debate and discussion over whether Beatrice and Eugenie should become working royals, and it is a topic that divides royal watchers alike.

When looking at the facts, it is clear that there needs to be younger blood conducting engagements. Currently, the members of the Royal Family who undertake most of the engagements are well over the age of 60. These consist of the Duke of Edinburgh (95), The Queen (90), The Duke of Gloucester (72), The Duke of Kent (81), The Duchess of Cornwall (69), The Prince of Wales (67), and the Princess Royal (66).

Of course, Prince Harry and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also undertake engagements, however in 2015, 95-year-old Prince Phillip conducted more engagements in the UK than the three of them combined.

Total number of engagements undertook by each member of Royal Family in 2015

Total number of engagements undertook by each member of Royal Family in 2015

When Prince Phillip and other older members of the family can no longer conduct engagements, somebody will have to pick up on the extra work. Being as the UK has two Princesses sitting around doing not very much, why not give them responsibilities so they can gradually take over some of the senior family members’ responsibilities?

It could be argued that the Princesses’ services would be more useful elsewhere. They have both gained good degrees from universities, receiving 2:1 honours, the highest grade any member of the family has received. Since graduating, they have worked in the arts and finance sector.

Some critics also say that the sisters are too far removed from the throne, however, Princess Alexandra undertakes engagements despite being 50th in line to the throne.

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