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Old footage of Prince William and Prince Harry with their mother regains popularity

A Prince Harry fan facebook page has released a delightful home video taken in 1985 when he was just 1 and Prince William was 3. Prince Charles and Princess Diana had been married for four years and it is a beautiful but rare example of the Royal family at relaxed and at home. It compares well with the video clips that have been shown this year of Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Margaret, and also ones featuring Prince Charles, Princess Ann, and Princes Andrew and Edward.

The video shows William and Harry playing the piano, of sorts and also charging around the room. Both Diana and Charles are trying hard to keep their two children’s attention with various schemes and not looking at the photographer, allowing him to get superb pictures. Princess Diana is pictured gently relaxing on the floor, her eyes on her young lads, whilst chatting with everyone in the room. She suggests to William, he should give Harry a kiss, William appears reluctant – but he is perhaps still the shyer of the two. In the end, he does plant a big smacker of a kiss on Harry’s head. Prince Charles also at one point play’s peek-a-boo behind his handkerchief to keep the lads looking in the right direction.

This clip was taken at a point when clearly this was a very happy family with two young children, and a lovely memory for both Princes to keep of their late mother. Since Prince Harry released the clip online, it has been seen by nearly half a million people, and their reactions to the clip have included. “I love this video. Such a lovely family and a very funny Prince William and Prince Harry,” wrote one fan. “I’m admiring Prince Charles, being an amazing father. We don’t see this side of him. So, humble and playful,” said another.

Who knows, sometime in the future we may get to see a video clip of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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