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You’ll never guess the nickname of Prince George

It is common for members of the Royal Family to have nicknames just like anyone else. The Duke of Cambridge was famously called “Wombat” by his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s childhood nickname was “Squeak.”

So, it comes as no surprise that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest child has a nickname of his own. We’ve heard the Duchess refer to Prince George as “Poppet” in Canada, but that’s not the nickname the five-year-old royal revealed to a dog walker recently.

Prince George revealed to the dog walker that his nickname was “Archie” while out with his little sister, Princess Charlotte and grandmother, Carole Middleton in his mother’s hometown of Berkshire.

In an exclusive to the Sun, the dog walker, who did not want to be named, revealed that the protection officers requested she not photograph the young Cambridge children when she came across them playing in a stream.

Prince George began petting her dog, and she engaged in a bit of small talk and asked his name.

“I was asked by a police minder not to take a photo of the children, which I didn’t, but George started stroking my dog. Just to be friendly I engaged in a bit of small talk, and I asked George what his name was, even though obviously I knew it,” she told the Sun.

The Cambridge family in 2018. Photo: Matt Porteous via @KensingtonRoyal/Twitter

The woman added, “To my astonishment, he said ‘I’m called Archie’ with a big smile on his face. I don’t know why he calls himself Archie but kids often play with their names and I think it’s lovely.”

It is not known if this is a family nickname or one he chose himself.

Now if Princess Charlotte, 3, and baby Prince Louis, 9 months, have special nicknames, they’ve not yet been revealed.

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