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The Duke of Cambridge flies to Kenya for ex-girlfriend’s wedding

The Duke of Cambridge will spend the Easter weekend in Kenya attending the wedding of his former girlfriend Jessica Craig.

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to stay at home with their two children, Prince Georhe and Princess Charlotte.

In a press release from Kensington Palace it was announced that the Duke of Cambridge would be making a “private” four-day visit to Kenya, saying he would be spending time on the wildlife reserve where he also got engaged to the Duchess of Cambridge in 2010 and meeting with the president of Kenya, Uluru Kenyatta.

It made no mention of Jessica Craig’s wedding, which is taking place on the reserve this Saturday and whether or not the Duke will be attending.

Jessica Craig, 34, will marry Professor Jonathan Baillie om the Lewa wildlife reserve, which is run by her father Ian Craig. The Duke of Cambridge remained close with the family even after they broke and in 2008 he attended the wedding of Jessica’s brother, instead of his cousin’s, Peter Phillips, which took place on the same day.

When he arrives today he will call on the president of Kenya at the request of the Foreign Office to “deepen relations between the two countries on a broad range of topics including defence and security, and conservation”.

It was added that the Duke of Cambridge is paying for the flights himself.

The Duke of Cambridge is also the President of United For Wildlife and he will spend the rest of Thursday seeing longstanding conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, which are supported by Tusk Trust, a charity of which the Duke is a Royal Patron. 

At the Lewa Conservancy he will also spend time with rangers to learn about their work protecting one of Africa’s significant rhino populations from poaching.

  • Carla

    Rather than copying other press, maybe you should point out that Jessica Craig was only ever a friend. William’s office denied the relationship at that time as so did Jecca. They were never photographed out on a date and Jecca actually had a boyfriend during the time the tabloids were talking about it. She was interviewed and denied it.

  • Diane

    Jecca was never a girlfriend. Perhaps they had a wee crush at one time but they were never a couple. This is gossip and I wish people would stop posting such articles a it appears like an effort to hint at issues in the Cambridge marriage. Kate is not jealous of Jecca. She is not staying home because she is jealous. I know you didn’t say this but when any article alludes to the GF angle this just feeds the fire.

    The Craig family have been a very important part of Williams life and to him they are an extension of his blood family.

    Beyond that it is also a visit with the President of Kenya which is work.

    I would love just once to see an article that is thoughtful and factual without tossing in the gossip fodder of the likes of the Daily Mail and others.

    • MythR

      This meeting with the president is the excuse!
      Good post RoyalCentral.

  • Crystal Cabot

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are appreciated and loved, and we are tired of any criticism of this beautiful family.

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