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Protecting the Cambridges’: an inside view

Steve Conlon has been with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for 10 years, but recently had a chance in his career most don’t experience in a lifetime.

When it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be making a stop in Kelowna, Conlon’s VIP security training came in handy.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also provides VIP security training as an additional course, one that Conlon had taken.

Speaking to Royal Central, Conlon revealed that he was excited about the chance to protect the future King and that it would be a “neat opportunity”.

“There was about 40 of us throughout the Okanagan that have that course that were selected to protect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” he continued.

As one of the 40 selected to cover either of the two Okanagan venues; UBC Okanagan or Mission Hill Winery, Conlon was stationed at UBCO.

“I was assigned to the UBCO venue, I got there around 9 in the morning so there was quite a bit of waiting around”. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not arrive until closer to noon.

“There was a pen stop area for the fans to get fairly close to get a handshake or an autograph. I was near the stage and fortunately, when they were done the presentations, Will and Kate came right up. Kate was on my left side and Will was on my right and they were shaking people’s hands so I got really up and close and personal with them whereas other VIP security members did not. That was an extra treat for me.”


Steve Conlon behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as the crowds “heckled” them for being brothers

However, getting close to the Duke and Duchess also presented the chance for the crowd to draw similarities of Conlon to William.

“There was a few people heckling in the crowd and they said “Are you his brother” Conlon revealed. A member of the crowd even took a video of the two of them and sent it to Conlon as proof of the resemblance.

Despite the hecklers teasing Conlon about being twins it was a successful event “everyone was well behaved, no issues, lots of happy moments and excited fans.”

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