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Prince William’s homeless war veteran appeal

On Monday, The Duke of Cambridge backed the Evening Standard’s Christmas appeal for homeless veterans, saying: “It troubles me deeply that our servicemen and women possess extraordinary courage, skills and talent, yet many find it difficult to gain meaningful employment in the civilian world and can fall on hard times.”

Prince William, who has been in military service for over seven years appealed to the public to “all do something small but meaningful to give these anonymous heroes a helping hand, give them hope and put them on the right road to recovery. It’s a good cause to support.”

The Standard’s appeal is raising money to help veterans who are needy, and working on ways to assist others so they do not fall on hard times as well. The appeal raises money for the charities ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Veterans Aid.

“I am grateful to the Evening Standard and The Independent’s Homeless Veterans campaign for shining a spotlight on this issue. The support of your readers for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Veterans Aid will ensure we can offer these men and women a helping hand when they need it most,” William noted.

William started his military career with the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals). He later went on to serve with the Royal Air Force and qualified as an operational captain within the Search and Rescue Force.

He will soon begin his work as a helicopter pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance. William will begin working with the Air Ambulance, based at Cambridge and Norwich Airports this coming spring.

“Prince William is a veteran, and the fact that he served in my own service, the RAF, makes his endorsement doubly meaningful. Sometimes people forget ex-servicemen and women can be sailors, marines or airmen as well as soldiers,” Dr Hugh Milroy, chief executive of Veterans Aid, commented.

“Support from His Royal Highness is extremely special and very warmly welcomed. Prince William has his own personal experiences of serving in the military so his backing shows how important the campaign is,” Brigadier (retired) Robin Bacon, chief of staff at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, stated.

The Duke of Cambridge added: “The men and women of the Armed Forces serve all of us with their lives when called upon by their country. They would give their life to protect us, and they expect little in return.”

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