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Prince William reveals what he would be if he wasn’t to be King

During Prince William’s recent launch of the Innovation is Great campaign in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, upon the 49th floor of the Mori Tower, Prince William met with astronaut and chief executive, Soichi Noguchi.

Noguchi, who rose to fame in Japan after spending six months on the International Space Station from 2009-10, presented Prince William with a patch he wore on his spacesuit during his 177-day stint at the Space Station.

“I take it you’ve washed it,” Prince William joked.

Upon further discussion with Noguchi and Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s chief executive, Prince William revealed what jobs he dreamt of pursuing if he was not in-line to the throne.

After being asked if he would consider being trained to fly into space, he said: “I don’t think my Eurocopter will make it that far up. It seems like an awfully long way from the ground.”

“When I was younger, I dreamed of being an astronaut, but I also wanted to be a policeman or a fire-breather. That might have been a bit alternative,” he added.

While fire-breather sounds awfully intriguing, an astronaut may be closest to Prince William’s current position. Prince William is to start his job as an air ambulance pilot this coming summer, based at a Cambridge airport.

If the Duke of Cambridge had the opportunity to become an astronaut, he would have to undergo intense training. Typical requirements of the position are to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics. One must also have least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in a jet aircraft where flight test experience is highly desirable.

He would also have to pass the physical exams which are similar to what one goes through when entering the military. Eyesight of 20/100 or better uncorrected or 20/20 corrected, blood pressure of 140/90 and a height between 1.57m (62in)-1.90m (75in). Prince William is 1.91m, so he might just not make the cut!

Good thing he holds the position of future King.

Photo credit: Government House NZ/Woolfe/Crown

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