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How you can get the most out of #RoyalTourCanada

You can feel the excitement in the air, as I live in Kelowna (one of the stops for The Cambridge’s upcoming Royal Tour) it seems everyone you meet has something to say about the tour. Most are excited and there is no shortage of last-minute preparations going on for the tour that starts off in Victoria on 24 September.

As a Canadian, I never really thought I would get the chance to cover the Royal Family in person so I understand the sentiment of many who are wishing they lived closer. We are dedicated to bringing you the top coverage of the tour so here are a few ways you can stay connected throughout the 8-day trip.

Live Feed- I will be using Facebook live to cover the events in Vancouver (25 September) and in Kelowna (27 September), as well a look into our Royal Tea Party (24 September) we are hosting with What Would Kate Do? which is now SOLD OUT!!! To see the live feeds please like the British Monarchist League on Facebook and make sure you are set up to receive notifications from the page. You can also do the same for the Royal Central  page as all work will be shared on there.

Twitter- Other information will be shared on Twitter so please follow @RoyalCentral  or myself, @JamieSamhan for my own take on the day’s events and to ask me any questions you may have.

Instagram- When I am not busy with the Live Feed or on Twitter I will be sending out pictures of everything going on! So head over to Instagram and follow me .

Lastly, scroll to the bottom of this page (after you finish reading this of course!) and subscribe to email to get all the latest articles straight to your inbox.

I look forward to covering this tour and getting to know all of you better!


  • grapefruit

    I was wondering if there was a location at UBCO for someone in a wheelchair to get a glimpse of Kate and William. Lived in Kelowna for 30 years but Welsh through and through. Went home for there wedding lol. Diolch yr Fawr!

  • Mr. Christian

    What apart from “the pomp and circumstance” do these Royals plan? A good oath from the Treaty of Westphalia after the Hundred’s Years War, was for each to do good works for the other, which is reciprocal. Canada is hurting badly economically, culturally and otherwise. I would like to see from them what is truly “Nobility of the Soul, which requires a lifelong struggle for the common good.” What gifts of solutions to this Realm do the Royals from this vantage bring–and if good works that truly benefit Canada how would Canada return real gifts of common good to them?

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