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Has The Duchess Of Cambridge Accidentally Revealed The Baby’s Gender?

Today has been quite an eventful day for the 4-months pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. If the drama of her visit to Grimsby and the helicopter delay wasn’t enough, she now faces closer inspection for supposedly revealing the baby’s gender in conversation with a Grimsby resident.

The Duchess’s supposed slip of the tongue came after she was given a teddy bear by a cheerful Grimsby resident on her visit today. Upon being presented with the soft toy, Her Royal Highness began, “Thank you, I’ll give that to my d…”, before stopping herself, apparently before the word daughter was uttered.

Once again, the media has gone into ‘baby news overdrive’ and now every major tabloid’s front page is riddled with the words ‘DUCHESS REVEALS BABY GENDER’ and ‘IT’S A GIRL!’.

Now let’s rewind here whilst we analyse the facts.

What did the Duchess actually say? “Thank you, I’ll give that to my d…”. ‘D’ could mean daughter but would the Duchess put herself in a position like this, well, no!

What is more likely, and was helpfully pointed out by Paul Harrison from Sky News, is that the Duchess was most likely referring to Lupo, her dog, so the phrase (she was probably interrupted, hence the cut off) would most probably have read, “Thank you, I’ll give that to my dog”.

So in conclusion, has the Duchess of Cambridge accidentally revealed the baby’s gender… Possibly, though this is very much open to interpretation. Our findings suggest probably not.

What do you think on this story? Tell us whether you think the Duchess revealed the gender accidentally or if there was something more else the Duchess meant in the comments box below.

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