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Duchess of Cambridge gives permission for her Private Secretary to marry in the Chapel Royal

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary, Rebecca Deacon, will marry her partner Adam Priestley later this month, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Miss Deacon split with her previous partner and fellow royal PR officer, Nick Loughran two years ago. The two-year relationship came to an end when it was revealed Mr Loughran was seeing Prince Harry’s assistant Clara Madden.

Mr Loughran, who was the media adviser for Prince Harry, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, quit his job at Kensington Palace after the relationship came to an end to pursue a job in PR.

The ceremony of Miss Deacon and Mr Priestley will take place in St James Place at the Chapel Royal. The chapel is exclusive to the royal family and those in connection with it, in 2013 the Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest child, Prince George was christened in the chapel. Kate has given permission for the regal venue to be used for her private secretary’s wedding.

Who is Rebecca Deacon?

Before starting an impressive career working for a list of British Royals Rebecca upheld a normal educational path, studying English at Newcastle University. Miss Deacon has worked for the British Royal family for more than ten years. The regal list of work that Rebecca has conducted includes; working closely with Sentebale – Prince Harry’s charity to holding a position of producers assistant for the making of the concert for Dianna in 2007. Miss Deacon is now Kate’s private secretary and has been since 2012. The senior role includes looking after the diaries of the Duchess of Cambridge both public and private and when there are royal events or tours the private secretary will carry gifts for the royals and bouquets of flowers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are both expected to attend Miss Deacon, and Mr Priestley’s wedding later this month.

  • Tsmmy

    Wow are you an angry person. What do you care if they are letting a non royal marry in the Chapel. I am sure the Queen have her permission or it wouldn’t be happening. PS. Wiiliam’s last name is not Middleton

    • Melissa

      I think Wildrose is implying that William has become more Middelton than Windsor. Regardless, I’m confident you’re right and the Queen gave her blessing.

      • Jo Dean

        Prince William & Princess Catherine are the best royal couple for the British Monarchy. They’re wonderful parents and genuinely care for those in need. The others are a waste of time, money and evidence Princess Diana was murdered in Paris for quite a few reasons. Princes William and Harry know about their mother’s murder now. Two prominent names always come to the forefront of doing away with the Peoples Princess..prince Philip and prince Charles. Do the research. Why do you think the only survivor..Rhys-Jones..of that crash won’t talk about it?

  • Xoxoxo

    Settle down. The Queen killed off Princess Diana and she will eventually kill off Middleton too. Thats how royals work.
    You need to go anger management classes.
    Maybe you just jealous of Middleton and her family. Plus i find it low for you to call out 2 innocent children. Who are you to jugde??????????????

  • Kristie Lewis

    You are an idiot.

    • Henrietta Quintana

      Hello. I thought my country has had problems. However I see it this way both Kate and William have been living their life as unique public as possible. However their status in the Monarchy shines the light on them. I see them both as genuine and kind individuals.. Great parents… And find their actions worth to be looked up to. Beautiful people beautiful hearts.. PS I think Kate is very aware of the light on her. It is not for personal reasons. Either.

  • Paula Terranova Pfister

    In this instance, I’m sure the Duchess is more than aware of who is and who not is allowed to use the royal chapel.

    I really hope you are able to

  • Valerie Grace Haven

    Wow. Why do you even care if you have such a low opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? If I felt the way you obviously do I would NOT waste my time reading an article about HRH personal secretaries wedding much less take the time to comment. If you think that they didn’t have HM’s permission you’d be wrong!!! It IS The Chapel Royal after all.

    There has not been a situation like there is now for a very very long time if ever. The Duke and Duchess are 3rd in line behind The PoW and Duchess of Cornwall, and of course The Queen and Prince Phillip.. Then you have Prince’s Andrew, Edward, and Harry, Princess Anne and their spouses all having a roll in the family. Not to mention the Gloucester’s and Kent’s etc.. So they have had to forge their own path in the family.. I don’t believe Kate says no, get someone else I have a facial that day!!! No, in fact there is evidence to the contrary that she has stepped in when things have come up for other members of the royal family. For you to bring their children in it is simply uncalled for and pathetic. Yes, you do have a right to your opinion, as do I, but the remark about their children DOES make you look like an idiot!! I am only calling it how I see it!! Have a great day or night everyone!

  • Glenys Horsman

    Not angry??????? Heaven help what filth you may spew when you are????

  • hopefulintheeast

    How do you know that the Duchess did not consult Her Majesty? I would expect she did.

    • Colleen Gaskill

      Wow. You managed to be rude, angry and pat yourself on the back at the same time.

    • Wis

      Thought you were done posting to go cook for firefighters?

  • Colleen Gaskill

    It would be nice if you could back your anger with facts.

  • befd

    I think she might do a tiny bit more than carry flowers! If she’s private secretary then surely she does the same as Williams private secretary Miguel Head?

  • Kathleen

    So ugly. It must be a heavy burden carrying this hate.

  • stapleremover

    Wow, any particular reason you’re so obsessed with people you don’t even know? Calm your tits, bitch. You need medication.

  • germany jones

    She’s probably from the ‘hood. Free passes for everything, including grammar lol

  • Jean B

    I am most surprised to read that holding a marriage ceremony in the Chapel Royal of St. James is in the remit of the Duchess of Cambridge. She may well have requested it, or recommended it, but ultimately such a marriage is in the gift of the Queen.

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