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Princess Anne is 2017’s busiest royal so far, with Duke & Duchess of Cambridge working the least

According to the latest reports released by the Press Association this Wednesday, it would seem that The Princess Royal currently holds the title as Busiest Royal of 2017 so far, clocking in at an impressive 44 full days of work over the past two and a half months. This means Princess Anne has conducted almost a quarter of all work undertaken by the British Monarchy in 2017. Not bad for a sprightly 66-year-old!

After Princess Anne the next royal with the most clocked hours was her brother, Prince Charles, with 33 days work being conducted. At the bottom of the list for most days worked were the Duchess of Cambridge (12 days) and the Duke of Cambridge (13 days).

Almost at 96 years of age, the Duke of Edinburgh has reduced his workload heavily working 12 days this year, the same as the Duchess of Cambridge. Meanwhile, The Queen herself came a respectable 3rd on the list with 24 days work being undertaken, which is in itself impressive considering she celebrated her 90th birthday that year. The figures do not, however, take into account that The Queen works every day managing ministerial red boxes.

It was not the first time that Princess Anne has managed to top the charts with the most engagements and hours worked, having achieved the same ranking back in 2015. Then again, Her Royal Highness has had plenty of practice. She undertook her first independent function at the tender age of 18, and has undertaken work for no less than 300 different charities and organisations ever since.

At present, it would seem that the Senior Royals are still conducting the most royal functions overall compared to their younger counterparts. Princess Anne has worked more days than The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry combined (42 days between them).

With The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at a very venerable age, more and more of their usual duties have been delegated to younger members of the Royal Family, with the Prince of Wales stepping up to stand in his mother’s place at numerous events. Notably, Prince Charles attended the 2013 Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka on The Queen’s behalf, as the Head of the Commonwealth was not able to endure the long-haul flight necessary.

As we rapidly approach the fourth month of the year, it’ll be interesting to see if Princess Anne can keep up her current rating, or whether it will be snatched from under her by an equally industrious member of the Royal Family.

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