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Princess Anne is 2017’s busiest royal so far, with Duke & Duchess of Cambridge working the least

According to the latest reports released by the Press Association this Wednesday, it would seem that The Princess Royal currently holds the title as Busiest Royal of 2017 so far, clocking in at an impressive 44 full days of work over the past two and a half months. This means Princess Anne has conducted almost a quarter of all work undertaken by the British Monarchy in 2017. Not bad for a sprightly 66-year-old!

After Princess Anne the next royal with the most clocked hours was her brother, Prince Charles, with 33 days work being conducted. At the bottom of the list for most days worked were the Duchess of Cambridge (12 days) and the Duke of Cambridge (13 days).

Almost at 96 years of age, the Duke of Edinburgh has reduced his workload heavily working 12 days this year, the same as the Duchess of Cambridge. Meanwhile, The Queen herself came a respectable 3rd on the list with 24 days work being undertaken, which is in itself impressive considering she celebrated her 90th birthday that year. The figures do not, however, take into account that The Queen works every day managing ministerial red boxes.

It was not the first time that Princess Anne has managed to top the charts with the most engagements and hours worked, having achieved the same ranking back in 2015. Then again, Her Royal Highness has had plenty of practice. She undertook her first independent function at the tender age of 18, and has undertaken work for no less than 300 different charities and organisations ever since.

At present, it would seem that the Senior Royals are still conducting the most royal functions overall compared to their younger counterparts. Princess Anne has worked more days than The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry combined (42 days between them).

With The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at a very venerable age, more and more of their usual duties have been delegated to younger members of the Royal Family, with the Prince of Wales stepping up to stand in his mother’s place at numerous events. Notably, Prince Charles attended the 2013 Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka on The Queen’s behalf, as the Head of the Commonwealth was not able to endure the long-haul flight necessary.

As we rapidly approach the fourth month of the year, it’ll be interesting to see if Princess Anne can keep up her current rating, or whether it will be snatched from under her by an equally industrious member of the Royal Family.

  • Anne

    Too bad Princess Anne wasn’t next in line to the throne.

    • Tim Culhane

      Can’t agree more

      Cambridges are becoming hangers on

      • Tim Culhane

        Harry, Catherine and William are always doing things together. Whats their problem? Maybe not a bad idea to get the York girls on the engagement list

        • PennieP.

          Noooo. Not Bea and Euwww.
          They will do more harm than good. Just getting dressed is a chore for those two.
          And just what happened to their “jobs “?

  • wildrose

    Totally agree it is a real shame that The Princess Royal is not next in line to the throne – as the other vagrants especially the Cambridge Clots are a disgrace on all levels.

    And they wonder why many people want to have the pampered 35 year old grifters given a damn good slap. The Clots of Cambridge should have All of their privileges removed. Their kids -their little photo ops – are going to turn out as bone idle, selfish and self indulged as their parents. bill and kate middleton are showing just how to destroy a monarchy. Appalling for such self indulged twerps. Don’t even bother with the poor bill (this Paris jolly) is just an wardrobe, money spending excuse, playing the Diana card again, and again, and plenty are sick to the back teeth with him and his lazy mrs.

  • UF

    With weekends off, give or take, there have been 60 days thus far this year. The Princess Royal has worked 44. The Prince of Wales has put a grueling 33. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have put in 25 between them. The average UK taxpayer has likely worked 60 FULL days, not including a second job. After work, drop off the dry cleaning, do a bit of shopping. Home to prepare supper, do dishes, check homework, put the kiddies to bed, depending. Up in the morning, prepare breakfast, drive to work. No drivers, no parking spaces, no security. For the royals, clothes laid-out, breakfast prepared, drivers, full gas tanks, no worry about parking. Everything done. Dishes washed, table clean, clothes clean, etc, etc, etc. It’s a wonder they don’t simply pass out from overwork. All that smiling and waving and “Please don’t touch me”. Lazy bastards. Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh have been at it a long, long time and done well. If Charles keeps opining on controversial issues of the day, Wills and Kate may find the rent at Kensington and gas for the Land Rovers bloody expensive. Keep that EMT license up to date, Wills. Harry can always send Meghan Markel back to work if that’s the one.

    • PennieP.

      Katie will be running back to Bucklebury in a heartbeat if anything should dismantle the Monarchy.
      She can live with Carole and Granda can do all the grunt work.. Problem for the Princess, solved…
      Now, for the other 4…..

      • UF

        Now picture Charles, William and Harry doing “grunt work”. Actually Harry probably has a shot. William toughed out his by-year in So America and at Sandhurst, but life of late has been back to silk pajamas and valets. Charles doesn’t know how to turn a doorknob

        • PennieP.

          Can you believe Charles has the nerve to go to Paris. This guy has no shame.. I about fell off the chair when I read that.
          He’s such a Pansy.. He cannot even brush his own teeth. He’d have a very hard time coping in the “Real World” I doubt he expected MaMa to live this long. I pray she sees her 110th birthday. That will make him almost 90… The oldest human to gain access to the Throne… I wish Liz a very long life… That idiot and his ( tampon) bride can wait… Chuck just give it up!!

          • UF

            The Pansy Prince even opined once that he may never sit on St Edward’s Throne in Westminster. HM looks pretty fit. Hardly touched that shiny new brass railing installed on St Paul’s steps for her 60th Assession Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. (Her 95 y/o Prince Consort refused to go near it. Showoff). Charlie looks to be in fair shape for 69. The Queen Mum made it to 101 (almost 102) so Chuck has at least another decade wait. That’ll put him at 80. He may be the first monarch to be wheeled to the throne or at least on a frame. And all those years as a tampon to that woman. Eeeww!!

          • PennieP.

            Hell, little George will be almost 20 if Liz lives as long as Queen Mother did.
            This guy is CLUELESS about anything in the real world… Anyone can see he ( and the Tampon – in Waiting) is totally unfit to tie his own shoes, let alone rule over the UK..
            not that we in the US have anything to brag about, these days… I’m waiting for the president to go to Buckingham Palace… That is something I would pay money to see…
            My mouth is watering for the State Dinner.. It will be… Ummm, interesting, to say the least…

  • PennieP.

    First, define ‘ work ‘…
    Second, she does not have small kids at home
    Third, Charles is the “Next in line ” he needs to step up his game
    Fourth, Harry doesn’t count!!

    • trudie

      At this point in time the queen’s grandsons and granddaughter-in-law are not full time royals. The Cambridges have a young family and he’s working for EAAA until his contract ends in the summer. Then they’re going to focused upon full time royal duties. We do not know what Harry’s plans are for the rest of 2017 or the future. When QEII’s reign comes to an end, we’ll likely see less of Charles’ siblings and more of his own family. The media doesn’t like the waiting game, so they express their annoyance now and then.

      • PennieP.

        Harry is irrelevant
        Will and Kate are not the Heir to the Throne.
        The others?
        I could care less. Anne didn’t want her children “Titled ” BFD…
        With all this “CHARITY WORK ” they do… Not one British Subject should be living in poverty… They ‘work ‘ soooo hard… Barf… Work? Tell me about the work they do…
        You can start with Anne, who, apparently is busting her but t , hands chapped and exhausted… Poor dear… She needs some strong tea…

  • Marlene Baumgart-Schneider

    ….and we made it a competition because….

  • wildrose

    It is not a competition – the article is stating facts. You know facts. As if that is not enough the Cambridge Clots stats from 2016, 2015 were as pathetic then.

    As for them having 2 kids – the little photo ops you mean? Well they have nannies (more than 1) and they have ma middleton… so no problem there – which is more than most have.

    The joke of an Air Ambulance Job – well when was the last time bill middleton was on duty?

    Not a photo op with the Queen. Not a photo op sitting in the pilots seat (of which we all know he is not a full pilot).

    So when was the last FULL ROSTERED SHIFT that lazy sod did?

    bill middleton certainly did not work over Christmas or New Year. He turnd his back, scuttled to buckleberry, hid away until making a dickhead of himself by doing a Church walk, then went shooting on boxing day.

    So it was the REAL Air Ambulance personel who worked. Not him.

    Check the working stats for the last 5 years – there are plenty of sites to do so and for all the privilege this Cambridge Clots get it is about time they did what is expected of them. Considering Diana was 19 years old when she married and carried engagements from DAY 1.

    The Princess Royal, along with Her Majesty and Prince Philip are the workers the rest are the shirkers… especially the cambridges who could write a book on how to come up with lame excuses for NOT doing anything.

    In saying that – they would need a ghost writer as WORK ETHIC is not their specialty.

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