28 October 2013 - 19:34
Buckingham Palace suffers damage during UK storm


Buckingham Palace appeared to have suffered minor damage during the UK storm, named “St Jude”, that caused nationwide chaos and brought parts of the United Kingdom’s travel network to a standstill.


The storm, which battered Britain on Sunday night and into Monday morning, caused some minor damage to the Palace, according to the Daily Express, but nothing too serious.

A Palace spokesman said that several plates were torn off the roof of Buckingham Palace and two windows were cracked. Debris was blown from trees located in the Palace gardens.

It is currently unclear whether any other damage was done to the Palace, which is The Queen’s London home. Her Majesty was in residence at Windsor Castle at the time.

On Monday morning, all roads leading up to Buckingham Palace were closed due to the bad weather. In addition to this, all Royal Parks were closed to the public while staff dealt with fallen trees and made sure the parks were safe to use. Kensington Palace was also closed on Monday morning  although it later reopened in the afternoon.

At least four people have been killed by the storm in the UK and 270,000 people’s houses were without power.

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