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Prince Harry breaks toe weeks before South Pole trek

Prince Harry has vowed to continue with his 208-mile trek across Antarctica despite suffering a foot injury.

Harry, 29, who recently became an uncle to Prince George, broke one of his toes just weeks before he is due to begin the gruelling South Pole expedition.


“Prince Harry has broken his toe in the last few weeks,” a spokesman for the fourth-in-line explained.

“He will not be revealing how it happened, it is a private matter.

“However, there is no doubt about the South Pole trek. He will definitely be going.”

Harry has been training non-stop for the 16-day expedition, which will see him face harsh winds and freezing cold temperatures.

The royal will join former troops Captain Ibrar Ali, 36, and Major Kate Philp, 35, on the Walking with the Wounded as they aim to raise £2million.

Last month, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard confirmed he would be joining the US team. The popular actor joked he would be part of the winning team.

“I’m very excited to meet him,” the 37-year-old told “I’ll be with my U.S teammates at the South Pole welcoming him when he arrives. We will be there first though.”

The actor, who spent 15 months as a Swedish Marine, added that he is sure to beat the British Prince and his team: “I’m pretty stubborn and motivated and I don’t give up easily. I’m very focused and we’re not going to lose.”

He added: “I hear he’s an amazing guy, I admire him for being involved with Walking with the Wounded for a couple of years and taking the time to help wounded soldiers. It’s going to be an honour to meet him.”

Harry confirmed he would be taking part in the race in April and has been training since for the challenge which has been described as “the largest modern-day expedition of its type”.

Last week, Harry joined his brother Prince William and senior members of the Royal Family at Prince George’s christening.

Speaking earlier this year, the uncle explained he wants to play an important role in the Prince’s life.

“I want to make sure he has a good upbringing, and keep him out of harm’s way and to make sure has fun.”

He added: “The rest I’ll leave to the parents.”

photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office via photopin cc