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Changes to Royal Central’s content

As announced yesterday, our Editor – Martin – will be leaving at the end of July after over two years in the position. Between now and then, we will be implementing a series of changes to make Royal Central an even greater source for the latest news on the British Royal Family.

Our three points for focus in the process of making these changes are:

  • ACCURACY – we promise to improve the accuracy of our content so we eliminate the factual errors and typos you see in articles to deliver you an even more reliable experience.
  • TIMELINESS – we are working to improve the efficiency and speed of our reporting so we get our pieces out as quick as, or better still, quicker, the main newspapers.
  • INTEREST – we’ll be working on a number of different ways to create even more interesting content on the site. From notable guest bloggers to news content you won’t see anywhere else.


On the first point, we will be introducing a two-stage editorial process for all our articles to make sure that facts have been properly double-checked and prose is intelligible and accurate. This will make our content even more reliable and will put us in good stead as the go-to source for the latest news.

Blog content will be concise, pertinent and more engaging as our editors work closely with bloggers to tailor their content more to readers and turn their ideas into posts.

For the first time, we’ll be introducing a ‘corrections’ section on the site where we’ll track all the changes we’ve made to articles following reader comments. Additionally, we’ll be making it easier and more straight-forward for readers to get in contact with us when they have questions or comments on our articles.


We’ll be operating our own rota system so we always have someone on hand to report on breaking news and the latest stories. This duty editor will make sure that news is broken on Twitter and on site as soon as it goes out.

Our breaking news coverage will also be enhanced as we expand our reach on social media meaning as soon as news breaks, we report it and it gets to you – our readers – as quickly as possible.

Articles written on events from days ago are also going to be a thing of the past. We’ll be making sure all our content is sent out in good time after the event.


On some of our news posts, we’ll be introducing an ‘Editor’s Analysis‘ of some of the latest stories. This will take the form of a section with comments from one of our editors (or an expert) who analyses the significance of the news and the wider bearing it may have on the Royal Family and the nation.

We’ll also be working with our fantastic team of writers on making their content even more lively and relevant.

Photos will be more relevant to the article’s contents too!

We’re also going to work on some new styles of coverage like our ‘behind the scenes’ Courtier diary – the style of which we’ll be implementing across the site to give our readers even more of a glimpse into the lowdown in royal watching circles and what really goes on behind palace doors from a media perspective.

Minor royals will also continue to get their fair share of coverage!

We’ll be introducing also a small number of individual blogs on Royal Central which will allow royal watchers to maintain their own blog on royal matters, independent of the Royal Central team but with the benefit of our ability to publicise and bring forward their content.

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