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How to Host a Royal Wedding of Your Very Own

Royal weddings take the world by storm. They are televised, talked about, written about, and dreamed about in both the lead up and for the years to come. How many people are still gushing about Kate’s dress? How many people are still circulating the new photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? How immortal has Princess Diana become for her sense of style and grace? To mimic these historical weddings, all you need to do is to follow this guide to capture what makes a royal wedding so great.

Hire a Manor to Hold the Ceremony

What screams royal wedding more than hosting it at a manor? Thankfully, you don’t have to be a lord, lady, or an incredibly wealthy real estate owner in order for this dream to come true. Many manors today have been converted into luxury hotels that specialize in wedding events. You can hire out the main hall and then as a bonus your guests can often stay at the manor for a discount, as it’s a group event, or included with your venue package.

Get a Cinderella Carriage for Your Grand Exit

Though this isn’t necessarily a modern-day royal exit, it is still something that every little girl dreams of as soon as she hears of the word “Disney.”Get a carriage to take you and your newly wedding spouse from the church to your reception to truly make the big day feel magical. If you are going by horse, you will also be the last there, thus allowing you to continue the magical day surrounded by your friends and family.

Have Live Entertainment  

You cannot have a great wedding without live entertainment. There is no speaker out there that can really capture the atmosphere and energy that a live band brings to a wedding. Have someone play for your wedding ceremony, and then hire an event band London like Jam Hot. The better the band, after all, the better the fun and the better your wedding will be.

Focus on Timeless Design as Your Wedding’s Focus

One thing that echoes in all the royal weddings is the timeless beauty and tradition that they bestow to the dress and decorations. Timeless will continue to look beautiful now, tomorrow, and every day after that. Aim for simple lines and simple designs. Not only is this how you will make your wedding immortal, it’s the cheaper option as well. You don’t have to go all out and you don’t need the glitz and the bling to make your wedding stand out. The only person who should be dazzling is the bride, and everything else should be harmonious and beautiful.

Royal weddings are big affairs, and while you yourself won’t likely be able to throw as big of a wedding as the royals, that doesn’t mean yours cannot have the same class and elegance. Follow this guide to bring that royal charm, and you will surely have a happily ever after.

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