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Saudi Princess Reema: “Women driving is not the end all, be all of women’s rights”

Princess Reema of Saudi Arabia has recently spoken out about the new law allowing women to drive in the strictly conservative Muslim country and its relation to women’s rights.

A top official in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia said that the Princess is working hard to “address deeper issues on the path to women’s rights after allowing them to drive and attend soccer matches,” reported Arab News.

While at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, she told those assembled, “These are things that are quick wins, we know we can do them, women in stadiums, women driving, that’s great, but women driving is not the end all, be all of women’s rights.”

Issues she cited that are still being addressed are those of women needing to feel secure in their own homes and having all career paths open to them that are open to men in society.

She continued, “Those are things that will be more dynamic in moving the conversation for women’s rights than just getting her driving.

“Domestic violence is so critical. I promise you we really are working on it.”

Regarding the traditional, conservative dress that women are required to abide by in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Reema said, “Innovation will come. It has to come. Guess what, I’m wearing trousers today.”

Reema, who serves as a vice president at the General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia, remarked, too, that after sending four women “wild cards” to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, she is hopeful that one day a woman will get to the Olympics “on her own merit … however long it takes.” The Princess added that that occurrence would make her very happy.

Princess Reema spent many years in the United States while her father was serving as the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States. She did not return to Riyadh until after her university studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She had been married Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Nasser, but they divorced in 2012 after having two children together: Turki and Sara.

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