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Princess Madeleine afraid to be criticised for giving birth in Sweden

Princess Madeleine is in Sweden to give birth to her third child that is due any day now. The Swedish press has revealed that the Princess was afraid to announce that the birth of her third baby will take place in her home country.

A couple of weeks ago the Royal Court announced that Princess Madeleine had decided to give birth in Sweden. The youngest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia is due to give birth any day now. Princess Madeleine, her husband Chris O’Neill and their two children usually live in London. In the announcement, the Royal Court stated that Princess Madeleine would pay for the birth herself and that she will not benefit from the Swedish social security system.

The Swedish press has revealed that Princess Madeleine wanted to stress that she is to pay for the birth herself as she is afraid to be branded as luxury Princess. She was worried the Swedish people would say that she came back to Sweden to take advantage of the tax system and that she only comes to the country when it suits her.

Sweden has a better public health service than the UK has. Usually, every EU citizen can give birth in Sweden without having to pay the full amount. However, the Royal Court’s spokeswoman, Margarethe Thorgren, stressed that “this is a different situation as Princess Madeleine comes to Sweden with the intention to give birth here and then other rules apply.”

Princess Madeleine expressed her desire to give birth in Sweden because she wants to be close to her family and friends. She is also used to the Swedish healthcare and feels safer to be in a Swedish hospital. Maybe the fact that her third child will bear the title “Prince(ss) of Sweden” was also considered by the Princess and her husband.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill’s first child, Princess Leonore was born in New York as the family used to live there and holds duo-nationalities. The couple’s second child, Prince Nicolas was born in the Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm, probably the same location where the couple’s third child will be born.

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