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Queen Sofia of Spain presented with Mano Amiga Award for her work in fighting Alzheimer’s

Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain was presented with the Mano Amiga award for her work in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. The award is handed out to those who have personally dedicated their time and effort for decades in raising awareness and funds for research.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey

© Casa de S.M. el Rey

Dr. Pablo Martinez-Lage was also given the award for his involvement in research of the disease and the early diagnosis of it.

Queen Sofia thanked and told the assembled audience, “I am pleased to receive it because this distinction is a sign of the dynamism of civil society, which is activated for just causes that matter and concern to people.” She also mentioned her “feeling of joy and also of responsibility and hope.”

Her Majesty continued, “I take this award with the greatest responsibility because it encourages us to continue always working for the underprivileged. We can not lower our standards, we must be worthy of this trust that symbolically has been placed in us.”

Queen Sofia during her acceptance speech. Photo: © Casa de S.M. el Rey

Queen Sofia during her acceptance speech. Photo: © Casa de S.M. el Rey

She also made sure to congratulate her fellow award recipients saying, in part, “They are equally generous and show that effective engagement of civil society to which I have referred.”

Queen Sofia has been very passionate about her work with those fighting the disease and helping with research, awareness, and fundraising. Last evening, she reaffirmed her commitment to the cause. She stressed that those suffering and working to eradicate the disease can count on her and her foundation (The Foundation of Queen Sofia) in “this long struggle.”

The Foundation of Queen Sofia helped launch the Vallecas Project which will analyze the activity of the human brain before Alzheimer’s disease is manifested. A donation was delivered to CIEN Foundation (Research Center of Neurological Diseases) from the fundraising from sponsors like Alzheimer León. Alzheimer León worked with “Mano Amiga” on the campaign, “Invest in Research and together we will delete Alzheimer’s.”

Her Majesty closed her speech with words of hope and inspiration to those who have fought, are fighting, or will fight Alzheimer’s disease in their lifetime. She said, “One day Alzheimer’s will be only one ‘remember’, and never better because we will overcome forever the disease that would have us forget.”

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